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3 essential tips for choosing the best upholstery fabric for your furniture


The first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about purchasing upholstered furniture is the fabric. Wondering what type of fabric you need for your furniture?  If you’re looking for advice on selecting fabric, this guide can help you to make the right choice for your needs. The upholstery on your chair, couch, or sofa defines the character of your room. Plush velvets, elegant silks, cotton, robust leather – each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Apart from aesthetic aspects, there are many elements to taken into considerations while picking between different materials.


Before you choose any kind of fabric, get into its details – ask the salespersons whether it’s for heavy, medium or light use. This is one of the best ways to eliminate options, so that you can buy aesthetically pleasing and durable fabric materials. Synthetic fabrics are considered to be stronger than natural fabrics. Though cotton looks like an obvious choice for any tropical climate, it should be used as just cushions and pillows. The blend of cotton with polyester or rayon for a couch is durable option. If pets and children are part of your family, leather or viscose or microfiber fabric is the best choice, as these can withstand extra wear and tear. Woven patterns are more durable than printed ones and hence consider durability while making fabric selection.


Color of the fabric is yet another factor that leaves a huge impact on your home interior, especially if you’ve a larger room with giant sofa set. Ensure to pick the color wisely as you need to live there happily for a longer duration. Try avoiding bold shades for a smaller room and opting for neutrals sound safest. Ask yourself what vibe you want to create – if you prefer subtle tones or dramatic colors? Accordingly, choose the furniture with pillows, mats, throw rugs, etc with contrasting patterns and colors. Avoid trendy shades, unless you really want them in your room, as they tend to look outdated, after certain period of time.


Opt for a fabric that complements your home interior and other furniture sets. Some fabrics look way too casual, while some more formal. Hence pick a fabric that echoes your style and theme of the whole interior.

Keep these essential points in mind before you choosemedical friendly upholstery honolulu hi for your ottoman, chair or sofa. Here are some furniture designs from Ambienti that can help you to make decision on which fabric and style may best suit for your housing needs.

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