3 Signs to Know That Your Roof Needs Replacement


Roof of the house is the key structure that covers the entire house and offers much needed safety. Damaged roof or poor quality roof can cause various safety concerns for the residents. Different weather conditions can make the roofs leak, rattle, and even fall causing the biggest ever disaster. If you have been confused about the health of your roof then here are the 3 signs to know whether your roof needs replacement. 


  • Age of Roof


This is not the sign to watch but it is the number to remember! You may not see the signs of damage but still it is good to look for replacement if the roof has aged considerably. Tiled roof and metal roof have longer life span. This type of roof may not need frequent roof repairs. You will also not require roofing replacements very frequently for such type of permanent roofs. Roofs of Asphalt Shingle may require replacement in 10 to 15 years of span. If you think that your roof has been there for decades then it is always good to call an expert to check whether it needs quick replacement or not. 


  • Overlaying on Existing Roof


If the previous work done on your roof is of overlaying, which means putting an extra layer on the existing roof then you should better call an expert. Chances are there that inner layer of the roof is damaged but signs are not visible. This may create a major issue. Calling roofing contractors would be a great idea.


  • Visual Damage of Any Kind


If you have come across visual damage of any kind then it is time to get it repaired. There can be missing piece, water marks, damaged joints, color shades, or any such visual impact on the ceiling that may result in major damage later. An expert can inspect the site and suggest the course of action.

Repairing the roof is easy if done in time. A delay may result into replacement and further delay may result into accident. Make sure that you ask an expert in time!

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