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4 Tips And Tricks To Find The Best Bed Comforters


Picture this! A happy Saturday night with no big plans, just you in solitude reading your book or catching up on your favourite Netflix show. WIth ice creams and snacks, you peacefully go on to do your thing while covered in the softest and comfiest comforter. 

You know you can laze around till late morning the next day, with no rush of being on time to work. Lying on the warm bed sheet and pillow, wrapped like a cocoon in the comforter cover, you feel rejuvenated and relaxed the next morning.

A good night’s sleep is yet a distant dream for many with the type of bedding they use and the stress we are surrounded by every hour of the day. Hence, investing in a good bedding set is essential to a healthy lifestyle. If you’re looking at buying comforters online, you will need to know certain factors to consider before making your purchase. 

Here are some factors to consider before buying the best comforters for your room. 

  1. Fill

If you’re looking for a daily use comforter for the Indian climate, always use 100% cotton comforters. They are affordable as well as easy to care for. Since cotton is a natural fiber, it is good for your skin and makes it a great option for allergy-prone people. 

But when it comes to luxurious comforters, the fill is always down. Down can be of goose or ducks. They make the comforter fluffy, lightweight, and warm. Down comforters are expensive but last for a very long time, making it an investment worth it. 

You’ll also find comforters made of synthetic fiber, which are inexpensive and a great substitute for down comforters. 

  1. Fill Power

Fill power means how much space one ounce of down occupies. The higher the fill power, the more fluffy the comforter will be. This also means that it will provide more warmth. It is essential to choose the fill power according to the climate you stay in.  

Depending on your climate, opt for your the best- 

For warmer weather: 400 or less

For year-round use: Between 400 and 600

For cold weather: Between 600 and 800

For freezing climates: 800 or more

  1. Thread Count

You may wonder how come thread count is important for a duvet or comforter. After buying good quality down comforters, you wouldn’t want to face a disturbing night with the down poking you in your sleep. 

Hence it is important to check and see the thread count of the top sheet of the comforter. If it is of low-quality, the material will stick out and poke you. But there’s no need to go for a too high thread count. Usually, 300 or higher is sufficient to get the job done.

  1. Construction

Each comforter is created with different styles of construction to suit its filling and to increase durability. There are various types of methods like-

  1. Box Stitch: Here, the comforter is stitched into box-like patterns to create a checkered pattern. Generally, cotton and other lightweight comforters follow this technique. 
  2. Baffle Box: Baffle technique is used for down comforters mainly. Here the fabric is sewn to create boxes in which the heat gets trapped, and even the down can’t move.
  3. Gusset: Gusset is very similar to Baffle Box technique but an upgraded one. Here the vertical fabric walls along the outside edges to provide maximum loft. Comforters using this technique are very good for cold climates but also the most expensive.

After buying a comforter online, you’ll have to take care of it too. Comforters don’t require frequent washes, but you can give down comforters for dry cleaning instead of washing it in the machine in case of a spill or leak. It is crucial to read the instructions on the label too. 

If you’re looking to buy comforters online, look at Portico, India. Their comforter sets are high quality, made of 100% cotton, and a perfect fit for the Indian climate. The solid colours, as well as the printed comforters, will also highlight your home furnishing. Do not forget to check them out!

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