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5 Best Fabric Options in Duvet Covers


Finding duvet covers in the right material makes a big difference in your comfort while sleeping or relaxing. However, the definition of the ‘best material’ varied from one person to the other, depending on your personal preferences. 

Luckily, there are a number of popular material choices for covers in different sizes, including king size duvet covers. From synthetic to natural, you can choose any of the following:

Cotton: Cotton is one of the most widely used fabrics used for making covers for duvets. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most comfortable fabrics available out there, and it is highly effective in absorbing moisture and sweat. Apart from that, it is soft and smooth to touch, which makes it an incredible material to make queen size duvet covers. It helps the body to cool down during summers, however the biggest difference lies in the fabric’s thread count. The higher the thread count is, the softer the fabric would be. So, choose a cotton duvet cover with a decent thread count, and be aware of buying something that is cheap, scratchy and low in quality.

Silk: Silk is one of the softest and most luxurious materials that is sure to provide highest level of comfort to the users. Since silk is absolutely free of chemicals, it is completely hypoallergenic, due to which it becomes an ideal fabric for making cal king duvet covers for people with allergies. Since it is a highly breathable material, it also allows extra body heat to outflow. As a result, moisture from your body evaporates quickly and keeps you comfortable all night. However, some drawbacks of silk are wrinkles, overpriced and low durability.

Supima Cotton: If you are looking for a duvet cover that is softer and more breathable than regular cotton ones, then supima cotton would be extremely effective in letting air pass and keeping your body cool. This fabric has extra long staples that can be easily used to spin fine, durable and softer threads. Although twin duvet covers made of supima cotton are ideal for long-lasting, luxurious covers for your duvet, real ones are double the price of regular cotton covers. So, you need to keep your budget in mind while selecting these.

Egyptian Cotton: Egyptian cotton is a common material used for making Olympic queen duvet covers. It is a high percentage cotton blend that gives a more durable, soft and luxurious feel than other cotton types. It is perfect to be woven into sateen and percale, after which your duvet cover becomes a soft and smooth bedding to slip into.

Bamboo: Bamboo is known to have amazing properties that give a luxurious feel to the duvet cover, that too while being within your budget. Highly breathable, soft and warm, bamboo is one of the most popular fabric choices used for making duvet covers.

PushpLinen is your one stop shop where you can find a wide range of covers for duvets in different sizes. Whether you are looking for a cotton, wool, silk, down or bamboo cover, you will find all these and much more here.

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