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5 Important Things To Keep in Mind When Buying Misting Systems for Outdoor Use


When buying outdoor misting fans, you need to understand that not all systems are the same. Therefore, when buying your misting system for outdoor use, you must ensure that it can withstand the extreme weather conditions outside. This way, you will be confident that your misting system will function pretty well and for longer. If you want a mist system to cool your outdoor areas like patio, garden, pool, or backyard, here are a few essential factors that you should look for.

UV Rated Pumps

You must ensure that the pump is rated for using outdoors. This is crucial because the pump is an essential part of your outdoor misting system and if it does not work optimally, then it will not generate mist through mid or high pressure misting fans. In addition, the pump should also be high pressure and UV rated to prevent it from cracking or bursting because of the high water pressure and hot temperature. 

Rust-Proof Components

When comparing misting systems for your outdoors, always go for those that are resistant to corrosion. Since you will be installing or using your mist fan outside, you must ensure that it will not rust or corrode owing to weather changes or heavy rainfall. You can only be sure that your misting unit will withstand rusting and corrosion of it has parts or components such as side panels, corners, and frame that are resistant to corrosion or rust. It is best to avoid an outdoor fan with misting system that features steel enclosures because it will rust pretty quickly and is usually difficult to open after 2 or 3 seasons when you want to service your fan. 

Tubing Material

Most manufacturers of misting systems usually offer brass or copper tubing. However, it is best to avoid copper or brass tubing because they are susceptible to rusting. It is best to ensure that the outdoor misting system tubing is nickel plated and is made using stainless steel or flexible nylon. There are some of the best tubing materials because they are of superior quality and rust proof making them ideal for the outdoors.  The tubing should also be high pressure and UV rated so that it does not burst or crack in extremely hot temperatures. 

Enclosure Quality

When buying an outdoor misting system, you should look at the enclosure quality. Always go for an enclosure unit that is designed using aircraft-grade aluminum. This is a high strength and heavy grade aluminum that will not get damaged easily. With a quality enclosure unit, you can be confident that your misting system will last for a long time. 

Before you purchase an outdoor fan with misting system, you must understand that the outdoor environment is not the same as the indoor space. Indoor cooling equipment are well shielded from harsh elements like rain, sunlight, and moisture or humidity, while indoor misting units are exposed to all these. This is why you need to make a worthy investment by buying misting systems that are designed to withstand the harsh conditions. This is the only way that you will maintain a cool atmosphere outdoors and ensure your misting system is safe. 


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