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5 Maintenance Tips for cable and wires


In the modern world, electrical cables and wires are the backbones of any kind of industries. So, electrical cables and wires play a vital role in the market. When cable wire fails or face any interruption, the entire system will be collapsed. Therefore, you need to maintain it carefully to avoid such issues. Along with maintenance, proper installation and preventive measures is also must required. Therefore, here you can find some basic guidelines and preventive measures that can increase the lifespan of wires and cables. Continue reading to know about those things.

Preventive measures before installation of cables and wires

It is better to prevent before raising problem. So, before installing electrical cable and wires, just follow these tips:

  • Ensure there is no scratch on the cable.
  • Don’t bend the cables too much beyond the recommended bend radius.
  • During the installation, prevent twisting and kinking of cable and wires.
  • Make sure the cables and wires do not contact with any element that can damage them.

Maintenance tips for cable and wires

A proper maintenance is very essential thing to reduce downtime, and non-conformance issues, and increase overall efficiency with longer runs.

  1. Choose the right cable and wire

Choose the most appropriate and suitable 2 core cable

 and wire for your industries. There are different kinds of cables that are available in the market. Therefore, you need to find out the best and right cable and wires for your project. Along with right type, cable and wire size is also important thing. The right cable and wires comes with safety regulations, good carrying capacity, voltage drop, ambient temperature, mechanical strength, etc. If you buy the cable and wires with those features too much maintenance will not required.

  1. Prevention of damage

During cable and wire installation process, don’t divert your mind to other things just proper concentration and focus is must required to avoid the problem in the future. Also, just avoid kinking or twisting of cable and wires during installation and keep the wire as straight as possible. Apart from that keep cable and wires away from direct flame, and prevent any impact, puncture or crushing to avoid some damages.

  1. Make cable Reel adjustments

Reverse cable ends to prevent one end from prolonged exposure.  Note the overload current and voltage drop during installation because, if you do not note it that may lead to premature machine failure due to overheating. Tie cable to avoid back spooling.

  1. Make repair at the right time

To avoid some damages in the future just check 2 core cable and wires on daily basis. Just remove the repair cable and wires immediately once you find the issues. Therefore, Crushed and damaged cable and wires need to be removed to avoid some problems.

  1. Maintain the records

You need to maintain some records in your industries. Maintain the following records: repository of cables and wires installed, regular analysis of wires and cables performance, take preventative measures in case of any failure, record of the cable laying procedure for all future reference, and more.

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