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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Replacement Windows


If you are choosing replacement windows and doors for your home or business, some factors about them may confuse you. However, asking a few essential questions can provide the clarity you need to select the right replacement windows.

So, what questions should I ask when buying replacement windows? The 5 questions you must ask are:

1. What do I need replacement windows for?

Foremost, you need to ask a question about why you need to replace your windows. This question will help you realize the importance of replacing your windows and how it can improve your living condition.

Generally, you may need replacement windows because you are seeing condensation between glass panes of your windows, feeling air leakage, or seeing physical damages. Once you have found the reason for needing replacement windows, selecting the right ones will be easy for you.

2. Can the window design match the style of my house?

Before selecting replacement windows, you must consider if the window style matches your house style. The grille pattern and operating style of some windows are more suitable for some particular house styles. Therefore, you must inquire whether the style of the replacement windows suits your home design or not.

3. What installation type is best recommended for my home?

Insert replacement and full-frame replacement are the two most common installation types. For insert replacement, the sash of the old window will be torn out by the installer without removing the frame. Hence, the new window will be fitted into the old frame. Full replacement, on the other hand, requires tearing out all the frames and sash of the old window and replacing them with the ones of the new window.

Although most installers can handle both installation types, the results are usually different. So, ask a question about the installation types before choosing replacement windows for your property.

4. What are the important features of the replacement windows?

Replacement windows are supposed to be better than the old ones. Of course, the features of the replacement windows are the basic factors that will make them better. So, as you want to choose replacement windows, you should start by checking out their features such as low-E glass, double or triple panes, advanced lock system, etc. These features determine the security, energy efficiency, and safety of your home.

5. What type of warranty can I get on the replacement windows?

When installing new windows, mistakes can be made. However, the only thing that can protect you when mistakes are made is a warranty. Therefore, you must ask this question to be certain that the window manufacturer or contractor can cover poor installation or any damages to the window. You should make sure the warranty covers both workmanship and product so that you don’t have to incur any debt after replacing your windows.

After getting satisfactory answers to these 5 questions, you have to look for a reliable windows and doors company that can guarantee seamless window replacement in your home or business.

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