5 Tips For Choosing The Best Natural Gemstone For Flooring:


To get an enduring and attractive look for your floor, you need to choose the best gemstone that is good in quality and also looks great. But with so many gemstones flooring options available, sometimes you can get confused about which stone to choose.

So look at the following options before you choose the best gemstone in Sydney for either your domestic or commercial flooring.

Foot Traffic:

This is one of the most important criteria before you choose any natural gemstone for flooring in Sydney. Some of the stones that are used in modern flooring include slate, marble, and granite. But all these stones wear with high foot traffic. So before you choose any of these stones, you need to consider that:

Slate: This stone looks beautiful but refinishing can ruin its natural beauty

Marble: This is a hard and dense stone so it can withstand high foot traffic and even its refinishing is easy

Granite: This stone can also withstand high foot traffic. But the installation cost is slightly higher as compared to other stones.

So look at your requirement and then choose any of these stones for your flooring or slab needs.

Value, Not A Trend:

Sometimes people choose the trendiest items in the market. But this is not a good approach when it comes to buying the flooring or slate stones. You should always choose the stones on the basis of the  value it provides you. The natural stones like marble can stand the test of time for hundreds of years without any problem and high restoration cost. So always look for stones that pay you high value and utility.

Natural Color and Size:

Natural gemstones come in different shades and sizes in Sydney. But some natural stones break easily so you can’t cut a big piece of that stone. For example, gemstones are cut from stalagmites, so larger slabs are not possible. So always choose the stone that can fulfil your color requirement as well as size requirement.


With gradual wear and tear, most of the natural stones require polishing and smoothing. The harder and denser stones like marble and granite can be polished easily in Sydney. But the softer stones are tough to get polished as they have the chances of breakage. Thus choose your flooring or slab stone, keeping this criterion in mind.

Stain Removal:

When it comes to domestic or commercial use, any natural stone gets stains over the years usage. But you should choose a stone from which stains can be removed easily without any hassle. Flooring is not all about the beauty it gives to your house, but it is also about the maintenance cost attached to it.

All-natural stones have certain advantages as well as disadvantages. So before choosing any stone for your home, you should look at both the perspective. Choose a stone that is easier to handle, easier for maintenance, and that has an affordable cost. Also, keep in mind how the natural stone will respond over the years of usage. Keeping these factors in mind will help you to buy the best stone for your floor as well as the slabs.

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