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7 Easy Kitchen Remodelling Ideas


The kitchen is the busiest and a high-traffic area in the home. Indeed, a worthwhile investment for a renovation project. Chances are, the kitchen space is witness to hundreds of meal preparations, family moments, intimate celebrations, parties, and gatherings. This all-time favourite room deserves a face-lift by transforming it into the open-floor layout of your dreams or installing the coveted kitchen island. However, consultation and collaboration with professionals may yield better results. Best to map and plan everything into the drawing board to integrate the essential design elements, budgetary restrictions, and timeline constraints.

Essentially, remodelling can be achieved through quick, easy, and simple kitchen upgrades. Thus, it doesn’t need to take long or cost an arm and a leg. Here are seven easy kitchen remodelling ideas to try.

  1. Indulge in high-quality kitchen countertop

Invest in marble or granite kitchen countertops, like those offered by reputable kitchen worktops Derbyshire providers. They usually have a team of expert contractors and consultants who can carry out surface installations that prioritises their clients’ needs. This one-time splurge is worthwhile as it can transform the overall vibe and look of the room. Implement cost-saving measures on other things like maintaining the original layout and plumbing, utilising inexpensive but high-quality tiles, and installing off-shelf cabinets.

  1. Experiment with textures

Pique visual interest by experimenting with varying colours, patterns, and textures. Finish it off by installing unique hardware into cabinets for a personal touch. For example, mix and match Machuca tiles with solid coloured ones or paint all cabinets with cream hues to add a striking contrast to stainless steel appliances. Similarly, break the minimalist monotony with repurposed Cypress wood kitchen counter.

  1. Refurbish and paint the cabinets

Replacing dank cabinets with new ones can be expensive. Instead, maximise the raw materials and hardware by refurbishing the old ones with paint and varnish. Freshen up tired-looking cabinets with Olive green paint and layer texture by adding indoor plants in decorative pots, market bags, fabric, or textured aprons.

  1. Swap furniture

Kitchen islands are practical and economical because it is a combined workspace and storage solution. Swap in an antique piece of furniture and transform it into a makeshift kitchen island counter.

  1. Be creative with lighting

Changing fixtures can instantly upgrade the kitchen. Integrate vintage pendant lights or go with classic chandelier pieces. Make sure that light installations are bright and cohesive with the theme you have set.

  1. Choose an accent that goes with the theme

If you are going for rustic, add a few farmhouse accent pieces to unite the entire space. Next, adorn with rustic collectables like jars and plateware to complete the look. Then, right smack in the middle, place a hardworking wooden table with comfortable white stools. Finish off with glass-paned pendant lights.

  1. Hang an artwork

Break away from the status quo by displaying an art collection. Carve out grooves into the walls, paint it all white, and then put up framed art pieces of seascapes, landscapes, or antique portraits.


These seven remodelling ideas are valuable guides and templates that you can integrate into your next kitchen upgrade project. All in all, research, collaboration with a designer, and creativity can transform an old and dank kitchen into a functional space with bespoke storage solutions and a theme that reflects the homeowner.

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