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8 Different Types of Handyman Services You Need to Know


There are many kinds of handyman services out there, and each handyman may focus on different tasks. Even if they say they offer “general handyman services,” not all professionals will do the same things. Also check: Geelong handyman

Handyman Service Types:

1) Installation of Drywall

Installing new drywall during a home makeover or after a water repair service project are the  more popular chores in which trained handymen may specialize.

2) Appliance Replacement:

Kitchen faucets, cabinets, lighting fixtures, and other items in houses can break or wear out with regular use. While the average do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiast can easily repair numerous house fixtures, some homeowners would rather hire a professional to ensure quality work or who are simply too busy to do the project themselves.

Since most appliance replacement activities don’t call for a licensed service most general handyman providers can typically complete them. Nonetheless, there can be circumstances in which a licensed professional is needed to replace a fixture, like a lighting system or faucet.

3) Installation of Smart Home Upgrades:

 Using this handyman service, an expert visits the house to set up any amount of sensors, doorbells, and thermostats. It’s crucial to confirm with the handyman that they are authorized to set up the specific brand and product you have.

4) Painting both inside and outside:

Painting inside or outside walls has to be one of the most common handyman tasks that may be performed. Painting a house requires a lot of labor, particularly when it is occupied.

Painting services are frequently used by homeowners and leasing agents to improve the exterior of a property before selling it.

5) Power Washing:

Dirt and other debris may build up on sidewalks, external walls, parking lots, basement floors, roofs, and other surfaces, severely discoloring them. A simple home maintenance routine that can be employed to maintain a home’s external appearance is power washing. However, not all regular handyman services have the necessary tools for power washing. Certain professional handyman services may not provide power cleaning since a high-quality water compressor might be costly and need regular maintenance.

6) Tile Installation:

Over an already laid subfloor, common handyman services can frequently lay tiles. Although it may seem easy, installing tile is a laborious task that involves much more than just applying adhesive, smoothing the surface, and then covering it with a tile. When installing tile, handymen must measure the floor area precisely to cut the tiles to fit the installation site’s borders. Additionally, they must properly arrange the tiles to avoid uneven designs and wasted space.

7) Window Repair:

For a small charge, a lot of handyman businesses can fix windows. This can involve replacing or fixing the window itself as well as the window frame, as well as assisting in clearing away any shattered glass. But if the house’s windows are a non-standard size, it might be required to reach out to a licensed contractor.

8) Small or old appliance repair :

A lot of homeowners prefer to repair a broken appliance instead of buying a brand-new one. That’s where handyman services for fixing small appliances come in handy. These services help fix things like toasters, microwaves, or coffee makers, saving people money and reducing waste by not having to replace the entire appliance.

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