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A Few Easy Tips to Get Rid of Rodents and Mice from Your Home


No homeowner will feel comfortable if he finds mice or rodents present at home. Irrespective of whether you find them in the attic, kitchen, basement, or your dining room – the very sight of rodents can easily irritate you, and especially children and even women may be frightened in their presence.

These common pests are quite resourceful creatures that can easily find a way to enter into a building or home. For them, the smallest opening or crack is good enough to find their way inside.

Generally, during fall or winter, they look for a warmer place and try to make an entry into the home. They are capable to cut the electrical wires, contaminate your foods, cut your cloths, and also transmit viruses and diseases too.

If your home is infested by mice or any other rodents, then it is the right time to call a professional from pest control Manchester who are well experienced to eradicate them from your home.

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Following are the few tips to prevent the infestation of these rodents from your home.

  • Fill all cracks in the walls

These mice can easily make way through any cracks of your wall and hence if you notice any crack then you must immediately seal it.

  • Seal all your vents

Your air-conditioner vents are another easy entry points for these mice. So any gap present in your vent must be properly sealed.

  • Seal all the gaps in your windows

Try to inspect all your doors and windows whether there are any small gaps, which are sufficient for them to enter. Seal them immediately to prevent their entry.

  • Block holes in your roof

It is also important to check all the openings on your rooftop. Rats are capable to make an entry from there too. All gaps must be properly sealed.

  • Keep your chimney clean

A chimney is a warm place for the rats to hide and therefore make sure that your chimney is regularly cleaned professionally.

  • Store all your foods properly

You must store all the food in a sealed container. Often foods also attract these mice if they are left open.

  • Eliminate all moisture points

Try to remove all moisture sites, such as any clogged drains and leaking pipes that can provide the perfect site for breeding these pests.

  • Store firewoods away

Store all your firewood at 20 feet or more away from your house where they can easily hide.

All these are a few ways to block the entry of mice and rodents but besides that, you must also be careful about a few weak areas of the home where a rat can always come by chewing their way in. As you know, these rats have got very strong teeth and are capable to chew through even some pretty hefty materials.

Such materials can be your water pipes, plastic, wood, and even brick! Walls having loose or cracked bricks must be immediately repaired to avoid rats to chew on the brick for gaining access to your walls.

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