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A Guide to Carpet Tiles


Modular tiles are quite trending in the commercial sector for being durable, trendy, versatile, and the comfort they might provide to your feet while walking. Before buying, you should be aware that not all carpet tiles are created equal and if you select a wrong type. It will cost you heavy not only in money but also your time and energy will be wasted. These are the traits you should look for in carpet tiles when go for buying

Shapes of Carpet Tiles:

Few years back, carpet tiles were available only in squares. But now, with technology and techniques, modular tiles are available in colors and different shapes like rectangular planks. Rectangular planks design is getting more and more popular. There are many other shapes and patterns available for your choice. If you opt for square tiles, you can rotate them and give them a mix-up style or brick shapes. On the other hand, planks give you more options, like herringbone patterns or basket weave style. Herringbone and basket weave are popular among buyers. The way you install the tiles also add a design touch to your flour.

Flexible designs:

Carpet Tiles are popular due to many significant advantages, and one of them is flexibility in designs. You don’t find different styles and patterns of tiles. Still, you may also design or create installing pattern which will give your floor a creative manner and subtle patterns. This is a type of unique feature of carpet tiles, as you may not find it in any other kind of flooring.

Not only has this, the dye process technologies and shapes of modular tiles helped in creating and elaborating the designs and the patterns. Digital dyed infused tiles give it more life and flexible look. You can select any model to follow at your place like tile to tile matching, repeating or something funky. Be creative and have fun.

Modular tiles installation:

Carpet tiles can be installed in different ways. Here I am mentioning three different types of modular tiles installation.

  • Adhesive installation: In this type of installation, carpet tiles are glued down to the sub-floor. Few types of glues release a specific type of compound known as Volatile organic compounds or VOCs. These are prone to health risks and may filth the indoor air quality, so make sure to buy something licensed. Also, go for the product which is best suited for all types of subfloor moisturize level. If moisturize on the sub-floor is high, it might damage adhesive and losing floor tiles.
  • Tabs that are adhesive and dots or taps: Adhesive is available in different types and variations. A small amount of binding is required to stick tiles down on the floor. But this is quite a hard work and laboring work, as you have to remove all tape – that is only possible to do manually. Moreover, it will also take time.
  • Adhesive free installation: Oh yes, it is very much possible now. Many good companies provide you with carpet tiles that are easier to install without any adhesive. In it, the tiles are backed with high-friction coating. You can not only save your time, but you are saving a lot of time too. It gives you a privilege that you might pick them and install somewhere else when you want. This will change the appearance of space without much fuss created.

Carpet Tile Backing:

Modular tiles baking are the singular fact which ensures the durability of your tiles. The three main types of backing commonly used are:

  • Hardback: Fibers are tufted into a thin PVC layer. It provides dimensional stability, but they have poor moisture management and can’t bear heavy foot traffic.
  • Closed cell cushion backing: Fibers are tufted in the layer of padding with plastic support on its top. It is a durable type of backing as compare to hard back
  • Open cell backing: These backing “re-inflate” after compression and are the most durable type of backing for carpet tiles.


Choosing the best type of carpet tiles

Choose according to your budget, durability and requirement that will be the only best type of tiles for your floor.

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