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A Novelty in the Range of Kaltra Microchannel Coils


A significant number of traditional and significantly new methods of intensification of technological processes occurring in gas-liquid systems are known. It is known that magnetic and electric fields affect heat and mass transfer processes in various systems. A number of works provide experimental data confirming the influence of electromagnetic fields on the intensification of the processes of dissolution of metals, clarification of industrial solutions and wastewater, mixing, bubbling, and reaction processes.

However, the reasons for the influence of magnetic and electric microchannel coils on mass transfer and chemical processes and the effects that arise upon exposure have not yet been sufficiently studied. This significantly hinders the widespread practical use of these methods for intensifying the heat transfer process and increasing the energy efficiency of gas-liquid processes. Therefore, studies aimed at studying the effect of electromagnetic fields and other methods of microchannel coils and mass transfer in gas-liquid processes should be recognized as relevant. The choice of the optimal method of influencing the heat and mass transfer processes occurring in gas-liquid thermal devices is a key problem in solving the problem of increasing the energy efficiency of the equipment.

The work to improve the energy efficiency of the Kaltra microchannel coils equipment has already resulted in inverter compressors, fans with blades with an optimized profile, contributing to a significant improvement in operating parameters, the shape of heat exchange surfaces, and other innovations. Another innovation is the use of heat exchangers based on microchannel technology. At the same time, despite the urgency of the problem of microchannel coils and mass transfer in thermal gas-liquid apparatuses, the issue of controlling electro hydraulic effects is practically not considered in the literature. These effects occur in contacting gas-liquid phases when exposed to electric and magnetic fields.

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