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Added features for your ideal garage door



These are some of the garage door parts to keep in mind. 

  1. Remote control: This is one of the finest features of garage doors. In regards to remote controlling, there are different types like operating it externally through a remote, remote control that functions inside the comfort of your house and security protected codes.
  2. Manual control: You can manually choose to open the door to your desired length. This comes in handy when you’re repairing your vehicle and require ventilation. 
  3. Rail segments: Garage door openers come with a rail segment that fit to doors ranging in 7 feet. 
  4. Security light: This is another practical feature in garages. Lights automatically switch on when the door is opening. This way, you can easily navigate you way in and out. The lights are designed to stay on until inactivity.
  5. Wi-Fi incorporation: Ever heard of a smart home? You can operate practically anything in your house through internet connection and this can be done even outside the premise of your house. You can check the status of your door and ensure complete security, despite being away or on travel. 
  6. Keychain remote: This is very useful as the remote control comes in a miniature form that easily fits into your car keys. You don’t have to carry a separate remote control and can open up the door before even reaching there, allowing quick access.
  7. Home automation system: This is a more modern approach to opening your garage door by the means of a voice automated message. You could simply say, “Alexa, open up the garage door” and the system will take care of it for you.
  8. LED lights: Some remote controls offer this exclusive feature. It gives a warning sign in the form of LED lights that will alert you in the case of malfunction. The best part is it cautions you in advance so you can fix it before the issue escalates; thus helping in eliminating any unnecessary expenses.   
  9. Auto- close: This allows you to program in the instructions beforehand. For instance, you can time the door to open a few minutes before you reach home every day. 
  10. Battery backup: Blackouts may not be a common occurrence but it does happen. In these cases, it is best to have a battery backup plan so you don’t have to entirely rely on electricity which is temperamental. 


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