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Affordable Flooring Options for Budget Home Improvement Projects


Home improvement projects that are on a budget should look for ways to get the job done within the budget without compromising the quality. One of the crucial parts of the home improvement project is the flooring. There are different types of flooring to choose from and they differ in terms of styles and prices.

Empire flooring website gives you a huge array of flooring selections. Some of the most affordable yet high-quality flooring options include the following:

Wood-Look laminate 

It is an extremely versatile type of flooring because it can be easily installed over concrete or wood subflooring. It is easy to install too. Even those who do not have experience installing wood flooring before can easily do the work. It is not water-proof but can be waxed to be water-repellent. It is fairly resistant to water and suffers little damage as long as water spills are cleaned up right away.

Vinyl plank flooring 

It will give you a high-class wood look without compromising your budget. It is also available in different finishes like oak, ash, and cherry. It is highly durable and can be easily installed over existing floors. However, before you install the new flooring you have to make sure that the floor is clean and smooth. 

Cork floor 

It is not only affordable but sustainably produced too. It is made from the bark from cork trees, which is environmentally-friendly. It is soft and quiet to walk on unlike any other types of flooring. It is engineered with a center HDF layer, which adds strength and durability to the floor. Cork flooring is also easy to install but is not recommended to use in full bathrooms. Of all affordable types of flooring, the cork floor is a bit expensive, but it is unbeatable when it comes to sustainability and inviting look.

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