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An overview of PVC pipe coupling PVC and plumbing fittings 


A PVC pipe coupling is one of the simple and inexpensive types of PVC fittings. They are a small part that is used to connect or couples one part of the pipe to another pipe, usually permanently. They can connect pipe to pipe or a pipe to the fitting.

PVC plumbing fittings have become a good replacement for metal piping now a day. It is generally used for sewage and plumbing operations. It has high strength, flexibility, inexpensive type and ease of installation. It is also low in cost-wise and thus used in many purposes in the world.

What does hex reducing pipe coupling mean?

Before going into this concept, you should know about the basic principle and functioning of reducer. Reducer is one of the main parts of the pipeline that helps you to reduce the pipe size from a larger bore to a smaller bore. The length of the reduction is made equal to the average of the diameter of both larger as well as smaller pipes. Reducer can either be used as a nozzle or a diffuser depending on your requirements.

Hex reducing coupling is a type of pipe fitting and it consists of a very short piece of hex pipe. It is most often provided with a female pipe thread having different sizes at both ends to connect the remaining two pipes. This hex reducing method is more frequently used in petroleum and chemical industries, engineering fields and in building construction sectors.

Some basic things to know about PVC pipe coupling

  • A coupling is a short term that is more often used for piping and plumbing purposes. It is a short length of the tube along with a socket at one end or both of the two ends which makes it easy for you to join the two pipes or tubes through welding, brazing process or soldering method.
  • Coupling plays a major role in the connection of pipes in various industrial sectors and industrial setups. It is used to connect two pipes. A pipe coupling is very important because the device is used to connect two pipes to maintain the continuity in the pipe connection. If the two pipes are of different sizes, then fitting is used to connect and it is known as reducing pipe coupling.
  • Another important thing for you to understand about the PVC pipe coupling is that these may include the meters to flow and some other analytical attachments to make the installation process very easy.
  • Shut-off and pressure release mechanism is also involved in pipe coupling. Permanent pipe coupling mainly uses the soldering method or brazing method.
  • If the two ends of a pipe coupling are dissimilar, then BSP threaded or NPT threaded method is used and this process is referred to as adapters.

What are the steps to be followed in installing PVC plumbing fittings?

Some of the steps that you should have to follow while involving in the process of PVC plumbing fittings installation are as follows:

Step 1: Inspection process

Step 2: Gathering of tools

Step 3: Cutting of pipes

Step 4: Preparation of fixtures

Step 5: Assembling of pipes

Final thoughts

By knowing the above-detailed description of PVC pipe coupling and plumbing fittings that enables you to use pipe coupling and how to install plumbing fittings is a very useful skill and you will find it as a very easy task.

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