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An ultimate guide to buy the entry doors


Front doors are more than just the entry doors reading pa that commands the most attention in the house. Looking to invest in front doors, a custom built exterior door, storm door or front door with sidelights? Here are some key points to consider that help you to make an informed decision.

Research online

Whether you purchase online or at store, you can definitely save time doing some research online to determine the different varieties available in the marketplace. Manufacturer websites offer catalogues and describe materials that can help you to find a local retailer. Even though you do not find the exact match, a similar model can give you an idea of finish.

Energy efficiency

Fiberglass, glass and steel doors usually have more insulating value than wooden doors.  You need to look for models, which are energy star qualified and certified as it has energy-efficient cores, tighter-fitting frames with double panel insulating glass that minimize heat transfer.

Types of entry doors

You can find front doors in a range of styles and materials; whether you are looking for custom front doors, craftsman-style front doors, contemporary front doors, glass front doors, leaded glass front doors, you can find best designs in accents and colors you want. Below mentioned are some of the types of materials to consider.

Fiberglass front doors

Typical choice for most people as it can get along well in high-traffic entrances and extreme climates. An edgy smooth surface or embossed wood-grain texture on some models gives a real wood feel. Moreover, these are made of top-quality composite construction that resists all sorts of dents, scratches and need very little maintenance.


Glass doors are attractive, but they are little expensive. You need to also consider the safety measures while fixing entry glass doors in order to avoid any burglar actions. The sliding glass doors are more common, provided you’ve a large window to see through. These sliding glass doors offer same natural aesthetic textures as traditional wood doors. The frames can be made of aluminum, vinyl, wood, or clad-wood. Aluminum framed glass doors are easy to maintain as it won’t rust, while the vinyl is a durable option for maximum energy efficiency. Wood is of course expensive option, while clad-wood can give the appeal of real wood on the inside, and aluminum or vinyl coating on the outside.

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