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Bathrooms At Their Perfect Levels with the Perfect Tiles


Whether in renovation or construction, the final moments are always marked by a lot of anxiety and expectation. At this stage, the finishing touches begin to be made and the project begins to take shape, with everything, including finishes and coatings, in the right places. The bathroom tile comes on the scene at that very moment.

The bathroom tile can completely transform the room

The bathroom tile is one of the most popular tiles for this type of environment and there are more and more options of models to use within the most varied styles of decoration. Here, we will give you tips to choose the one that best fits what you want and we will also bring you lots of images to inspire you.

Learn more about bathroom tile

The bathroom tile can be exactly what you need to give your face, with more style and charm, to the decoration. In fact, in bathrooms and toilets we don’t usually have much space to decorate a lot, so the coating can already make a big difference in the environment.

Tiles are great ways to decorate the bathroom

As we already said, the bathroom tile is a classic, because it is highly recommended for this room. Do you know why? Because it is moisture resistant, easy to clean and still protects the wall or floor – yes, because it can also be used on the floor and even the ceiling – against problems such as infiltration and mold.

The bathroom tile can be used even on the ceiling

Another very positive point of the bathroom Johnson Tiles is that it can be used both in the whole space and in just one wall or in part of it, as a detail. In addition, you can also combine different models or even with other models of bathroom tiles.

The subway tile is super hot

How to choose your bathroom tile

Currently, it is easy to find the most diverse tile finishes for the bathroom. There are textured, printed, colored, plain options, etc. The darker ones, like gray, black or navy blue, give a modern look to the place, but they can also make it visually smaller, so they are better used in larger bathrooms.

The dark tile was very beautiful and gave a sophisticated look to the bathroom

A light bathroom tile, like white, is timeless, neutral and, unlike the previous one, gives a greater sense of spaciousness where it is applied. The colorful and printed ones are great to make the environment more fun and the textured ones give an interesting and unexpected visual effect.

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