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Best Decoration with the Meduse Lamps


The comfort, decoration and even the atmosphere of a room depend in large part on its lighting. The one that is centrally located, the ceiling light, is because of its location a really important element.

Inspiring for designers of all trends, suspensions and chandeliers are available in all styles. To choose the model that best suits your interior, follow our enlightened advice! With a low meduse lamp price now you can have the Best choices.

The purpose of a suspension or a ceiling light?

Lighting, like the choice of furniture, is one of the most important criteria in creating a special atmosphere at home.

The presence of quality lighting and which also has a very specific function in a room is essential to exploit the living spaces at their fair value.

Pendant lights are generally used in areas of your home where you need the most direct and precise lighting possible: a kitchen island , a bar, a dining table, a coffee table, a sculpture etc.

Thus, depending on your objective, your expectations, and the decorative style you are looking for, a pendant lamp or a ceiling lamp may be more suitable than floor lighting (eg: floor lamps).

The advantages of suspensions

The pendant lights emit a soft light thanks to the modular light, in the sense that a single pendant lamp can be equipped with several small lamps or bulbs, thus covering a large lighting surface. We will use pendant lights above dining tables and kitchen islands where you want softer lighting to spend time with family or friends.

  • Some pendant lights feature glass shades and use glass or acrylic to maximize a specific light output and emit concentrated light, to accomplish specific tasks, such as on a desk or countertop.
  • For a more “art deco” atmosphere, “suspended” type luminaires can also be used as a means of lighting a space but with an “artistic” aim.

The suspensions on several “levels” maximize the look of the suspensions with suspension cables of different lengths, even colors . Blown glass, fabric and colorful stained glass effects make the pendant lights (often industrial type) unique and attractive.

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