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Best Freestanding bath ideas in Sydney


It is very easy to install freestanding baths in the bathroom since they need very little space than other bath types. Some of the other benefits of freestanding baths are its leg position and the depth of it. You can design your bathroom in your own style since there are baths available in plenty of colors and styles. They are also available in different shapes like square and oval. The cost of installing a freestanding bath price is reasonable and can be adopted by all house owners.  In this article let us discuss some of the unique bath ideas for the bathroom.

Tips to design your freestanding baths in Sydney

  1. White and grey theme ideas :

        White bathrooms will give a dramatic feel. For white theme bathrooms, you can use cast iron baths. To complete the dramatic look of the bathroom give grey color for the windows and also select grey color towel holders. It will give a relaxing feel. For all other fixtures and fittings of the bathroom use the grey and white color theme. For highlighting objects you can add black color. For freshness use potted plants on the top. The reflection of the silver bathtub will add brightness to the bathroom. This is one of the popular freestanding baths in Sydney.


  1. Bright color theme :

        If you like to use bright color things then this theme will be the perfect option for your bathroom. In this theme you can use dark color marble flooring. You can use bright color and organic shape for the bath and the same can be applied for the sink also. The drawers and the cupboards used in bathroom should add extra elegance to it. Try to store minimal things for a better look.


  1. Cradle bathe luxurious theme :

         Instead of normal wall-mounted baths, you can use freestanding unique style baths like cradle tub. Wooden frame stands are used for the extra support of the bathtub. To follow a country tone use earthy colors for the walls and furniture. It is similar to the cot of the child and this themed bathroom will be more appealing.


  1. Serene quality bathroom :

          The bath used in this type should be made up of iron and the depth of the bath should be high than the normal one. In this theme follow ivory and cream tone for the furniture and other bathroom set up. Try to match the wallpaper with the ceiling light and wall lamp.


  1. Unconventional bath type:

        The bath used in this theme is in angular shape which is not common. The bath, sink and the window should be in white color to enhance the look of the bathroom.


  1. Environment-friendly bathroom :

        If you love nature and if you are more concern about preserving it then this will be the most suitable option. Green theme bathroom will give a calm and soothing feel. Use light earthy brown color flooring and try to use the trunk as the tabletop. For extra decoration, you can fit some indoor plants on one side of the wall.


Some of the other unique bathroom themes are French aesthetics, past traditional design, Normandy type, and single slipper appeal.

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