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If you want a carpentry job that is well done and meets your needs, you will need to hire a professional carpenter. The latter can also assist you whether it is for woodwork renovation work, repair work or a new construction project.

Despite the fact that there are carpenters who specialize in specific fields such as a cabinet maker, a furniture maker, or the like, the carpenter can usually work on all types of woodwork. However, it is preferable that the carpenter you are going to hire is actually qualified in the job you are going to give him. You can click here for the best results now.

To do this, here are some tips and suggestions to help you find a good carpenter for your project:

Contact your friends: 

If you go to a loved one and find a carpentry project that you like, try asking them which service provider made it for them. Also ask him about his satisfaction with the carpenter he consulted and his way of working.

Always ask for references:

An experienced carpenter will have already done several works for other clients. By contacting him, do not hesitate to ask for photos or references of old achievements. Focus not only on new construction, but also on the renovation and repair projects he has done.

Asking for experience:

It is perfectly clear that a carpenter who has years of experience on his own is and always will be better than a young graduate.

Request a sketch:

A carpenter knows his job well. Thus, if you describe your project to him, he will be able to give you a small sketch of the work.

Make a quote:

Even if everything seems correct to you about a carpenter, it is not yet necessary to sign a contract. Make an estimate of the work you are going to entrust to him. You can only contract when the price is right for you.

 There are many carpenters and joiners who offer their services in a given city, but finding a good provider is not that easy. When you’ve finally found one, keep their contact details. You will never know when you will need his services again.

Joiners or joiners, commonly called carpenters, make interior and exterior doors, gates, windows and shutters, wooden walls, etc. The elements they manufacture, assemble and install are made of solid wood (fir, larch, etc.) or derivative (plywood, chipboard, laminate, etc.), sometimes also in synthetic materials.

Their main activities consist of:

Preparation and planning

Read the plans and indications, provided by the architect’s office, take measurements on the site and draw up a sketch.

Draw the execution plans of the interior and exterior doors, windows and other elements to be produced.

List the necessary materials, evaluate the working time, establish an estimate.

Product manufacturing

  • Choose the wood, cut it to the dimensions indicated with band saws, circular saws, routers, etc.
  • Planning, machining parts using manual tools, stationary or robotic machines.
  • Perform different kinds of assemblies, depending on the parts and the desired appearance.
  • Glue, assemble, tighten, press the different parts of the element to be constructed.
  • Treat surfaces: sand, stain, varnish and install fittings.


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