Buying a house and moving into Nottingham

Buying a house and moving into Nottingham

Nottingham is a beautiful city with history and culture. It’s also one of the most affordable cities for housing and is packed with an excellent transport system.

In a 2017 poll by a popular website, Nottingham was chosen as the 6th best city in the United Kingdom to raise a family. This city is ideal for families as there is always so much going about. There are some excellent schools, universities, an abundance of parks, effortless access to the countryside, and genuine public transport service. Apart from families, it is also suitable for students or ones who have lower budgets but want a good city to live in.

Buying a house in Nottingham

Are you wondering whether you should buy a house in Nottingham? Read on to get an idea of what to expect. If you’re tight on budget or wish to purchase an affordable home in the UK, this is the city for you.

Average prices of properties in Nottingham can range from roughly £150,000 to £380,000 depending on whether it’s detached, semi-detached, terraced or flats.

This is affordable because the UK, in general, has an average house price of £256,000, but in Nottingham, you’re getting houses at below the average count.

Once your interest is piqued, you can easily find houses for sale through popular websites like Rightmove., or you could also approach estate agents who can help you find a suitable home for your needs.

Moving in after buying a house

Once you’ve afforded a house and you’re all set to move, hiring a professional house moving company in Nottingham would be ideal, especially if you are shifting from a different city.

Although the charges will be different for each company, you can expect to pay roughly £400 to £900 for 1-2 bedroom homes and an average of £500 to £1000 for three-bedroom households. These prices are varied because it depends on the number of things you have for Flyttebyrå Oslo (including handling fees) and also the travel distance. Example- London to Nottingham may cost around £500 – £670 while Plymouth to Nottingham can go from £745 – £900.

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