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Buying a new home? Things you should consider before it


Many of you might have been looking for a home for some beneficial long term investment plans. From the time of our forefathers, the land is known to be a valuable asset, and it is still going on. If you have never been in this business before, then we must tell you that buying a property is an irresistible affair. On the other hand, this act is also known to be an effective way of doing savings. Prior to the process of buying, one should understand the legal aspects. 

  • Authenticate the title deed

If you don’t know, the title deed is present as crucial documents meant to legitimize the ownership. No one can sell the property until and unless the title deed is clear. At the sub-registrar’s office, you can verify the legal status of a property. Make sure that the title is absolutely free of any kind of dispute. 

  • Check the property tax receipts

It is the responsibility of an agent to make sure that the builder has paid the land tax on time. If someone is unsuccessful in doing so, then he is accountable for paying the same. So, you as a buyer must ensure that all the taxes are paid from the second party. Visit the sub-registrar to know more about any kind of legal dues. 

  • Approved building plan

There is no surprise to know that some of the builders provide fake information to the home buyers. Therefore, you must be aware of such agents and check whether your new home building plan is sanctioned by regional building development authority. 

  • Must have No Objection Certificates (NOC)

Don’t forget about taking NOC certifications from the fire department, Pollution Control Board, Aviation clearance, Railway Authorities, and National Highway. 

  • Lookout for RERA registration

As per the latest order, the real estate developers have to register their ongoing and upcoming projects under RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) Act. It is done to guarantee that the projects are going as per the standards. Hence, whenever you are thinking about buying a new home, always check the RERA registration number. 

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