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Buying nightstands: Check these important pointers


Your bedroom is your personal space, and it is best to pick things that you really need, because a clutter-free bedroom is always more welcoming. Nightstands, also called bedside tables, are essential furniture picks, and there are literally endless designs and styles to choose from. Websites like Mobilart sell a wide range of nightstands for buyers and homeowners in Canada, and you can find some really nice classic & contemporary options in their collection.  So, how do you choose nightstands for your bedroom? We have a list of pointers that you must consider. 


Ideally, the height of your nightstands on either side of the bed shouldn’t exceed the top of your mattress. Now, if you haven’t purchased a mattress for your new bed as yet, we recommend that you do that first, so that your nightstands are in sync with the height of the bed.

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How much space do you really want on the tabletop? Most people prefer to keep just the basics on their nightstands, such as the night lamp, an alarm clock, or maybe a book or two. Avoid keeping frames and décor pieces next to the bed, because there is a high chance that you actually end up dropping things at night. If you can keep the area free of clutter, you can go for a smaller nightstand. 


How much storage do you need next to your bed? For instance, you may need a couple of drawers for your basics like medicines and books, or maybe you keep a few cosmetic products as a part of your nighttime routine. Bedside tables, in general, don’t have as much space as nightstands, and it is best to decide on that aspect before buying one. 


Eventually, everything comes down to your budget. You need to consider how much you wish to spend on nightstands before looking at designs. If this is your new home and you have not purchased the bed, headstands and other furniture pieces, you may want to consider a theme. However, when you already have other things in the bedroom, your nightstands should match the rest of the interiors. 

Online stores often have better deals, offers and styles in bedroom furniture, and you can expect to find styles that will work for your home interior theme. Check for options, fix a budget, and don’t forget to check the materials and other details before placing an order.

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