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When opting for a Bathroom floor heating Toronto, choosing a flooring option can be a bit tricky. Vinyl seems to be a viable option as it is slip-resistant, easy to clean and also waterproof which makes it a perfect flooring option for bathrooms and kitchens. Various tests have been conducted to understand the physical and aesthetical aspects of vinyl floors on top of the heating system. The results revealed that there was no shrinkage or impact on the appearance and no discolouration either.

Restrictions on temperature

Though the usage of the underfloor heating system has no impact on vinyl flooring, however, the temperature of the floor should not cross 27 degrees. To ensure that make use of a thermostat to indicate that the temperature is under control. So when using a vinyl flooring on top of the underfloor heating system, also purchase a thermostat along with it, which has been specially designed for the usage with such floors. While picking out a thermostat, ensure that you get a thermostat which will save money on the property’s heating bills. You should also consider checking out smart thermostats which will help you to keep your energy bills under check.

Which underfloor heating system to opt for when going for vinyl flooring?

All of the wet underfloor heating systems are installed on a structural sub-floor. Hence, all the products which are on a wet system range can be used safely with a laminate or vinyl flooring. Depending upon your taste, you can choose an electric underfloor heating system option too. Inscreed and foil cable electric underfloor heating can also be used along with vinyl flooring. It is highly recommended to use an insulated dual overlay and underlay to achieve maximum energy efficiency which is possible while using an underfloor electric heating system.

Choosing the right heating system

There are two types of underfloor heating systems which are available one is hydronic which makes use of hot water running through the pipes which in turn heats the house and the second is the electric underfloor heating option. It is only a wise decision to ensure that you opt for a system which gives you enough heat output making your house warm and comfortable for you. Opt for an accurate heat loss calculation before purchasing and installing the heating system.

For the effective and efficient performance of the heating system, ensure that everything which is above the heating, including the floor, underlay and overlay is within the recommended limits. For example, the tog should exceed 2.5, U-value shouldn’t drop below 4.0 and the RSI must not exceed 0.25. if the heating system which you are installing doesn’t meet any of these requirements then the performance of the entire system will be negatively affected and won’t work efficiently. Hence, before installing an underfloor heating system it is crucial that you consult a professional who will guide you through the process and will help you make an informed decision.

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