Choices of roof proofing


Roofs are meant to bear all the harsh weather and often they are unable to do so for a long time. This is because different weather conditions make it weaker. You can avoid this by taking proper care of your roof which you can do by either damp proofing or waterproofing or better if both. Here is a little idea of what these types of roof proofing are. You can choose the best roofer in Goffstown NH to do this for you.

Damp proofing

Damping is a major concern in the case of roof damage. When the roof of your house receives rainfall or humidity regularly but does not receive enough sunlight, your roof is likely to get damped and thus your house as well. When hydrostatic pressure head is absent, the resistance is known as damp proofing. This essentially means that this kind of proofing puts a damp proof material layer over your roof. This prevents cracking in case of a concrete roof which may happen over a certain period. Concrete damping makes the roof wall weaker, which causes instability in your roof and may even cause the roof to fall off. There are damp proofing roofs available for both residential and commercial applications. If you have already put up a new roof in your house, you can still make it damp proof. This is done by spraying the damp proofing materials along with thinner. However, you would need professional roofers to do this. You should choose the best roofer in Goffstown NH for better results. It is also cheap to opt for damp proofing as it wouldn’t hurt your pocket too much.


Waterproofing your roof allows the water to fall on your roof to fall off and not remain there for a long time. This will allow the incoming water to flow off through the drainage system which is put along with the roof. This will prevent the water from seeping in through the pores of the roof which could have badly impacted the shingles of the roof. Standing water also gives rise to the growth of fungus which in turn would affect the roof and weaken it. Waterproofing is slightly expensive and thus many people look to avoid it, ignoring the fact that a damaged roof would make them pay much higher. 


It is better to invest in these proofing as it will keep your house stronger longer than usual. You can choose the best roofer in Goffstown NH to get your work done.

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