Choosing And Maintaining An Air Conditioner


Extremely hot weather in some countries can make things very difficult to get done. Can one imagine sleeping in scorching heat without the Air Conditioning Newcastle? Or sweating while working in a hot office without the AC? Anyone would want to avoid this; even the gym has air conditioning! This shows how important getting an air conditioning system can be, whether in an office or at home. But many people often neglect their air conditioning system and leaves it completely without any maintenance. And some ACs tend to fall apart rather quickly. This is how one chooses and maintain an air conditioner:

Choosing the air conditioner: 

Most people don’t care about the quality of their AC that much. As long as it looks good, new and does its job, there’s really no problem. Not until it starts giving some problems. And it can be costly to keep changing the air conditioner every now and then. So best choose a good one and maintain it.

  • Check The Energy Efficiency Rating: Al air conditioning models has a star rating. This star rating shows how efficient the AC is. The more stars, the higher the effectiveness. This may not seem like a big deal as one could just use a different setting to make the room cooler with a low-efficiency AC. But this takes up more electricity, making the electricity bills shoot up. One will end up paying even more in the long run with a lot of efficient AC. So it’s better to get a high-efficiency AC.
  • Choose An AC With Economy Mode: The economy mode helps save a lot of power for the user, decreasing the electricity bills. The load on the AC also significantly reduces, and it lasts longer as there’s lesser electrical wear and tear. But it might be slightly hotter. One can always increase the temperature a bit to deal with this.

Maintaining the air conditioner:

Maintaining the air conditioner is what almost everyone does. But a little maintenance can save a lot of money on buying a new one and paying more for bills. Yes, maintaining an AC can save a lot of money later on. Here’s how:

  • Switch Off The Air Conditioner: When the outdoor temperature lowers, one should switch the AC off as it’s not needed. When the room becomes too cold, one should also switch it off. In any instance, the air conditioner is not required, then switch it off to save electricity any wearing out.
  • Keeping The Sensors Clear: Heat from other heat-producing gadgets like the heater, television, light bulb, lamps, or cookers may affect the sensors of the AC. This can cause it to show false readings.
  • Clean The Filter: From time to time, AC filters need to be cleaned as dust particles get stuck in them. Air Conditioning filters need to be changed every one to three months, though it depends on the type of filter. Most filters need to be changed. Some are to be washed and reused instead. Pleated filters usually need to be washed, while others don’t.

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