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Choosing the Smart Pool Options


Did you know? In here, there are nearly 3,000 pool engineers, that is, companies capable of taking charge of installing your swimming pool at your home. This figure denotes the complexity of choosing a pool builder. Here are several factors that could help you make your selection.

Build a swimming pool, meeting of several trades

From masonry to electricity, from plumbing to tiling: the construction of a swimming pool requires the presence of very broad skills. Unless you are yourself an outstanding handyman, you are obliged to call on the services of a professional. From the majestic pools murrieta this is important now.

It can be a company that has all the necessary trades within it. The professional can also delegate part or all of these different services to subcontractors.

Some swimming pools even require specific features in the fields of construction, but also in the hydraulic, decoration, home automation or even landscape integration sectors. These specifications are constantly evolving, as more and more technical innovations are fitted to the swimming pool models available on the market.

Select the reliable and competent professional

Before embarking on this selection, be aware that the construction of a swimming pool is generally carried out in three stages: the preparation of the ground around the earthworks and drainage, the assembly of the structure itself, and the finishes which include the covering, the location of the technical room or the various options desired.

They are likely to carry out the construction of your swimming pool, the following actors: the manufacturer of swimming pool or piscinist, a specialized craftsman, or a team of total or partial assistance of your store in which you will have confirmed your purchase.

Good to know

In order to protect yourself from a bad choice, know that your professional must be present in the directory issued by the Federation of pool professionals or in that presented.

  • To avoid coming across a crooked or ill-intentioned professional, check the solvency of the company, on pain of being declared in default of payment by the justice. The consequences are serious because the construction of your swimming pool could be stopped overnight, without ever resuming and at a loss.
  • Also collect information on the references of said professional. Ask about the ten-year warranty, and after-sales service in the event of a malfunction. Do not hesitate to ask him for a copy of his civil liability insurance, and of a recent certificate of payment of his social contributions. The objective is to see if the company is in good standing administratively as financially.

Don’t be fooled by overly attractive rates. The quality construction of a swimming pool has an obvious cost. To compare, remember to ask for several detailed quotes from pool engineers and artisans in your area.

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