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Choosing Your Options for the Best Locksmith Choices Now


Perhaps you buy a new television every few years to keep up with the latest trends. Not only a new television is an example of this, it is also advisable to install new locks over the years. There may be various reasons for replacing the locks of your windows and doors in your home, of which more security is obviously the most important reason. Many people currently use two-point locks, a certain type of cylinder locks, which are connected at two points in the door frame. Did you already know that this can be much safer?

Replace locks in doors

Today, the locksmith jacksonville not only offer two-point locks, but also three-point locks. These three-point locks are connected to the door frame at an extra point, which is logically a safer solution. A locksmith can tell you more about this type of lock and also help you replace old locks. In addition to the correct locks on doors, it is also essential to have secure locks on your windows. Do you already have side locks, for example? Or do you have a simple cut on the windows in your home? A locksmith is happy to help you make your home safer.

Nowadays there are various pen slots available. They are for sale at a specialist store, through specialized web shops and they are available on almost every hardware store. But how can you identify a good pen slot?

Purchase a pen slot

When you look for a pen slot for your door or window you will soon notice that there are many types of pen slots on the market. Unfortunately, you cannot always assume that the pen slots you see in stores are of good quality. Here are some tips to look out for if you are looking for a good quality pen slot.

  • Choose a pen lock with SKG quality mark
  • The more stars behind the quality mark, the stronger the lock

Choose the right size

If you are going to buy a pen slot to replace an existing pen slot, then it is wise to buy a slot from the same brand. Pay close attention to the spindle size. If all is well, you can immediately attach the lock to the location of the old lock, without having to make any adjustments. From the locksmith jacksonville this is important.

The SKG quality mark

The degree of quality is indicated by stars. One star means burglar-resistant as standard, two stars indicates that it is heavily burglar-resistant and three stars is extra heavily burglar-resistant and is therefore the highest attainable.

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