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There is a direct relationship between the amount of money supply that is available in the system and the amount of money that finds its way into the real estate market. This is because real estate is one of the most preferred investment classes in the world. It is considered to be a safe haven and one of the safest hedges against inflation. Properties in Malta and many others have grabbed attention in the real estate market

Money Supply and Cash Flow

Few people are aware of the fact that real estate also ends up creating more money supply! This is because of the way the modern fractional reserve banking system works. The more real estate is created, the more mortgage loans are made, and the higher the money supply goes. This recursive relationship between real estate and money supply as well as how they propel each other higher has been detailed in many published articles.

Real Estate Buying Options

Control of real estate can be taken in two ways. One is to take permanent control i.e. take the ownership of the property. Various buying options are offered on the website of Malta properties This has its own advantages as this allows for capital appreciation and also eliminates the need to pay rent in the future.

On the other hand, one can pay rents and use the property as and when they require it. Now, which of these decisions makes better sense as compared from a personal finance point of view is what is included in the rent vs. buy decision. One should be able to tally both options according to requirements. The website for Malta Properties provides a wide range of availabilities for renting real estate.

The Central Dilemma

Property buyers all over the world have an emotional connection with the real estate that they purchase. From traditional times, buying real estate has been considered the “adult” thing to do for a person. This decision has no financial backing and is rooted in the thinking that having a property to your name somehow makes one economically more secure.

However, if we consider the financial aspects this is clearly not true. There are some situations when buying is clearly the better thing to do whereas there are other situations where renting is the best option. The ideal thing to do therefore depends on a case to case basis.

Renting vs. buying

The average person has the tendency to think of home buying as an emotional decision. Then, also there is the conventional wisdom out there, which claims that buying is always better than renting. However, when it comes to sophisticated real estate investors or pretty much anyone who’s concerned about how their money is being spent, the conventional wisdom does not hold true.

Instead, it is advisable to think about whether it is more profitable to buy a given house or would it make more economic sense to rent a house. This is precisely where a real estate agent, a platform that can provide descriptions, even visual and a comparative study of renting and buying comes handy  The trick here is to compare the annual expenses. Pay careful attention to the word “expenses”. We are not comparing cash flows. Instead, we are comparing expenses.


Malta Properties, as one can see on the website, provide a wide range of options for both Buying and Renting for the buyer, thereby making it easier to look through and make decisions. Because it does get taxing for a buyer to make the ultimate decision after carefully comparing it from different sources.

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