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Common Mistakes When Servicing Air Compressors


Operating an air system requires more than just the ability to turn switches. One of the most important aspects is the maintenance of quincy compressor distributors elko nv and their components because this will ensure the efficiency and duration of the system. Unfortunately, it is common to make mistakes during this practice if you do not have the necessary knowledge.

Some of these confusions involve impacts from pollution, condensation, and a poor estimate of energy costs. These errors can lead to inefficiency and failure of various components. In this content, we will show you the common mistakes that are made during air compressor maintenance.

  1. Limit Inspections To The Air Compressor Only

Maintenance is often assumed to begin and end with inspecting the compressor for signs of condensation or dirt. If you overlook the steps for proper maintenance of your air compressor, then there will be consequences for your equipment. It may be that your compressor is working perfectly, but you will still have problems with the system in general.

Although the compressor is the main component when it comes to an air system, it is not the only one that needs routine maintenance. Among the components is the storage tank, which conserves compressed air and also reduces contamination and wear of the system.

  1. Ignore Air Leaks

Air leaks can cause the waste of almost half of the compressed air in the system. When it comes to evaluating the performance of your unit, you will notice the biggest savings with Fluid-Aire Dynamics maintenance targeting air leaks.

Air compressor maintenance also involves inspecting for air leaks. It is necessary to monitor all components of the system to inspect that air is not leaking during the process. Other parts that must be inspected effectively are valves and fittings.

  1. Not Cleaning The Pipe Properly

It is crucial that the air system piping is kept free of dust, rust, and other contaminants. After all, compressed air reaches its endpoint through these pipes. When contaminants are present, the air pressure weakens, and this problem gradually increases when an inspection is not done.

  1. Not Handling Condensation Properly

Handling condensation the wrong way can lead to numerous problems with your compressed air system. Condensation emerges during the cooling process when moisture is drawn from the air. These are some of the problems that may arise:

  • Loss of lubrication
  • Inconsistent air quality
  • Air is distributed with excess rust
  • Water collects inside the equipment and can ruin circuitry

In addition, condensation can overload air dryers and ruin filters. Condensation problems are more pronounced in rotary screw air compressors because oil can expand in the air system and mix with the condensate. The combination of oil and water causes dirt deposits, which usually clog the drain.

Maintenance is required to get rid of plumbing problems:

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