Comparison Between Epoxy Coatings & Polyurethane Coating And Which One Is Better?

Epoxy Coatings & Polyurethane Coating

Owners of different commercial or business establishments often wonder which type of flooring is right for their establishment to protect their assets. But with so many options available in the market for floor coating, one might get confused while deciding which one is best for your facility. The two most common and best floor coatings in the market are epoxy vs polyurethane. To make sure you choose the right flooring system for you, here’s a comparison between the two.

What do they cost?

When you are considering epoxy floor in lincolnor in any other city, it will result in a cost-effective method for you. But epoxy is far more cost-saving in the long term. But if it’s a comparison, then polyurethane gives a lifespan double of epoxy. Polyurethane flooring also benefits from increased wear abrasions.

What resistance do they offer?

If it’s polyurethane vs epoxy then, epoxy offers limited resistance to organic acids found in large quantities. On the other hand, the polyurethane system boasts a strong resistance towards corrosion, alkalis, organic alkalis and many solvents.

Can they tolerate heat?

Polyurethanes provide superior heat, cold and thermal shock tolerance. On the other hand, epoxies are naturally more rigid and can move with the concrete substrate when exposed to heat. The polyurethane floor provides superior heat resistance upto 120 degree Celsius. This is one of the key differences between epoxy and polyurethane, which makes polyurethane more preferable for food-associated businesses.

How do we compare generally?

Polyurethane floors are generally softer and more elastic in comparison to the epoxy floor coating. This gives polyurethane flooring a better resistance to scratches and ideal for multi decks, parks and other establishments where high foot volume is involved.

So when there is a comparison between the two options for flooring, which is epoxy and polyurethane, in all the ways, polyurethane outweighs itself from the epoxy coating. Therefore polyurethane is a much better choice, especially for food processing companies that work in milk, cheese and dairy production.

In addition to this, polyurethane also offers food producers and processors an opportunity to take hygiene to the next level by incorporating natural antimicrobial additives, which is also beneficial for other sectors. So you can go for polyurethane or epoxy coating in lincoln according to your choice, choose the right experienced and trusted flooring consultant.

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