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Corporate Apartments or Extended-Stay Residence?


Choosing a Flexible Housing Option

When your job sends you to Houston, your housing is likely to be on your mind as you’ll need to find a place to stay quickly. It can be difficult to find a good apartment or house when you don’t live in the area and can’t travel there to look first, but staying in a hotel isn’t always desirable, or even feasible given how long it can take to find and be approved for a good place to live. If you need to look at furnished apartments Houston offers another option: corporate housing.

What Is a Corporate Apartment Rental?

Corporate rentals are full apartments with full kitchens. They are generally furnished, and management provides full amenities such as dishes, linens, and appliances. People may live in these units full-time for months or stay for only a few days. The differences between a corporate rental and a regular furnished apartment are mainly in the lease length and flexibility and in the services offered. These apartments are built specifically for people who may be in the area for an undetermined amount of time but who are not likely to be at the complex permanently, although that’s certainly possible; corporate apartments typically do not place limits on how long you can stay.

The Apartment Experience

An option that some people look at is the extended-stay residence, which offers more space than just an average hotel room for leases that can run anywhere from a week and up. However, extended stays often have smaller kitchens that don’t have a lot of storage space and that may not have a full range of appliances — not to mention you have to specifically arrange to rent things like dishes in many of these places. They may be meant for long-term guests, but they are definitely hotels, rather than apartments. This isn’t to say extended stays are all bad, but they offer a different experience than corporate luxury rentals.

A corporate rental complex is run as an apartment complex with a lot of luxuries added in. In most complexes you’ll have a gym and possibly a pool, and you’ll be able to treat your apartment as your home, storing clothes in a real closet and not just on a rod in the corner. You can have friends over; some extended stays restrict non-guests in rooms. And, depending on the complex, you could have your own balcony or patio.

When you look for furnished apartments Houston is not going to disappoint you. Corporate rentals are located across the metro area. You’ll quickly find a great place to settle in and start your new life.

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