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Dealing with Leaks: Hire a Plumber to Find them Quickly


Homeowners sometimes do not realize they have a leak until major water damages have occurred. Unfortunately, leaks are sometimes difficult to find because the pipes are often hidden under flooring, in walls, or even under the foundation. It is important homeowners seek professional help with leak detection. With the right knowledge and tools, plumbers can locate leaks and take care of them quickly.

Signs Homeowners Have a Hidden Leak

It is imperative homeowners pay careful attention to their plumbing system. Leaks can quickly create major problems. Leaks that go undetected for a long time could lead to water damage and mold and mildew growth. The following offers information on some of the signs of leaks in a home. If these are occurring, homeowners need to make sure they call a plumber right away.

  • Dampness in flooring or walls
  • The sound of running water when no faucets are on
  • Increased mold and mildew growth
  • Pooling water in the yard
  • Decreased water pressure
  • Hissing sounds under the home

Many homeowners first notice problems with a leak when their municipal water bill begins to rise. If any of these signs is occurring, a homeowner needs to call for an inspection. Plumbers have the knowledge and tools to be able to discover a leak quickly, so repairs can be carried out right away.

Common Causes of Leaks in a Home

There are multiple issues that can cause leaks in a home. A plumber will use special devices, including cameras, to locate the source of the leak and carry out repairs. Waiting too long to seek repairs will only lead to increased damage. The following offers some information on the causes of plumbing leaks in homes.

  • Slab leaks are a common problem in homes with a concrete slab or a basement. This is one of the most difficult leaks to detect because the pipes are under the slab.
  • Frozen pipes are another leak source. When pipes freeze, the water expands and can cause the pipe to rupture.
  • Leaks can also begin at the outdoor spigot. It is important to cover it in protection during the cold months of the year, to prevent freezing.
  • A leak can also occur in the walls and ceilings. Leaking pipes can sometimes be difficult to detect until water stains and wet areas start to spread.

Any plumbing component or water appliance can begin to leak. Even a minor leak can cause major problems if it is left alone for a long time.

Schedule an Appointment

If you believe there is a leak in your home, it is imperative plumbers are called right away. They have camera detection and thermal devices that can be used to locate the source of a leak without needing to tear up the flooring, walls, or your foundation.

Taking care of a leak promptly will help homeowners to avoid major water damage which can become expensive to repair. Call today to schedule your appointment. With an expert plumbing service, your leak will be found right away, so repairs can be carried out.


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