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Different Kitchen Types Depending On Your Style Preference


If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, you might be concerned about the number of options that you can choose from. This article is for you if you need help finding the best layout for your home. No matter what design you are going to use, you must remember that you need to have the primary needs – sink, refrigerator, and cooktop.

Small Space Kitchen Layouts

If you have a small kitchen space, knowing which layout and design work best is essential. You may have minimal space, but you have to work with it to be able to place all three workstations efficiently:

  • Galley Kitchen. The galley kitchen is also called the “parallel kitchen.” It is one of the most efficient when it comes to layouts. It is the most preferred design for small places because it serves as a one-cook kitchen. The galley kitchen has two parallel walls that are opposite to each other. It only has one walkway in between. That’s why it’s called the walkthrough kitchen.
  • L-Shaped Kitchen. This type of kitchen design is perfect for small family homes. It is also one of the best choices if you have little floor space. The layout will only use two walls in an L-shaped pattern for the countertops, cabinets, and appliances. This design is very efficient with all three workstations. And if you have space left, you can add a small island or dining table.
  • One-Wall Kitchen. The one-wall kitchen is the most ideal for studio flats. It uses very minimal space, and all three work centers are in a straight line. The cabinets and appliances are all mounted on a single wall. According to designers, it is best to place the work stations side by side since you will not have a free countertop with this layout.
  • G-Shaped Kitchen. This kitchen layout is also called the “peninsula kitchen.” It has a connected island and a free-standing workspace that will also serve as your storage, countertop, or eating space. This layout gives you the benefit of an island kitchen but only using limited floor space.

Large Kitchen Space Layouts

If you have an ample kitchen space, you will have more area to work with. You will be free to add as many workstations as you want. Still, you have to make sure that everything is perfectly placed in the kitchen layout.

  • Island Kitchen. For this layout, you must have enough kitchen space before you choose this. The island kitchen will give you more work and storage spaces to a kitchen. The island can hold the cabinet space, sink, appliances, countertops, or even as a table where you can eat. With this island, it can transform your L-shaped kitchen into a horseshoe layout. Or from a walled kitchen layout into a galley kitchen.
  • U-Shaped Kitchen. The U-shaped kitchen is known to have the horseshoe layout. This design has three walls of appliances and cabinets. This is a perfect choice if you have a large kitchen space. It is also ideal for those who will be spending a lot of time in their kitchen. The design gives you a new floor, cabinets, and counter spaces in a triangle layout.

So no matter what your cooking style is, how often will you be in your workstation or the available space that you have in the kitchen, the ones mentioned above are your layout choices to consider when hiring a kitchen manufacturing company.

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