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Different Types of Fly Screens Used For Windows


Nowadays people find installing fly screens quite useful for doors and windows. They can prevent the entry of flies, insects, and mosquitoes to enter home. The use of insect screens has now become indispensable.

During olden days, these screens were obstructive, but now, the fly screens you get from Premier Screens Ltd does not even block your view.

They can also be retracted without being seen when you do not want to use them. In this way, these fly screens can protect you from insects, offer shade from sun, and also help in maintaining your privacy.

The following are a few different types of sly screens that you can get in the market.

1. Retractable fly screens

Whether it is door, window, and patio, retractable fly screens will do wonders in such places. Retractable fly screens can always retract back.

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2. Sliding-fixed fly screens

If you are searching for fly screens, which is most suitable for your house where there are sliding windows and doors, then sliding-fixed fly screens are the best answer.

3. Hinged fly screens

Even if you have open small space or smaller windows, hinged fly screens can make your work very easy and help you to keep away flies from your house.

4. Pleated fly screens

This is the right choice if you want something different from a retractable screen. This is one of the best types of fly screens for offering a modern cum sheer look.

5. Screen windows

These screen windows are designed for covering the opening of windows. Such types of windows are also identified as insect screens or fly screens. You can block birds, insects, spiders, and any other flies to enter your house.

6. Standard fly screens

In today’s era, this is one of the most common fly screens. You can easily stick such screens in one place and also can easily take them down while cleaning and repairs if needed.

7. Magnetic fly screens

If your house has got a standard window then such magnetic fly screens will be the best. Also, you can always open and close your house windows whenever your desire with magnetic fly screens,

8. Aluminium fly screens

They are made up of aluminium, which is resistant to rust and hence can offer satisfactory durability.

9. Polyester fly screens

These are cost-efficient and easy to wash. It is ideal for you if you have pets since it is completely scratch proof.

10. Stainless steel fly screens

If you are looking for robust screens, then this is the best choice. It can offer excellent durability. Also, it offers you the freedom to coat it with any colour of your choice.

11. Roll-aside insect screens

This screen is specially designed to save door space and perfectly fit into those types of doors that do not have enough space for installing hinged or sliding systems.

12. Removable insect screens

There are screens with rolled aluminium framed sections and also PVC coated fiberglass mesh. These are usually made as per the measurement needed by the consumer and also available in different colours.

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