Do you know the advantages of using spiritual oil in aromatherapy?


Besides aromatize environments and bring good energy and vibrations, spiritual oils have the ability to transmute the energies of places and protect against negativity. If you are often the target of the envy and pessimism of others, or feel bad right after leaving places with heavy energy, Aromatherapy can be a good ally.

For heavy air environments

There are times when we enter certain environments and feel a “heavy air”. This oil has the property of energizing and invigorating, as well as being a psychic protector. It also cleans the environment energetically, driving away negative energies.

To leave the house protected – apply a body spray. Just put in a 100 ml spray bottle: 70 ml of water, 30 ml of grain alcohol and 50 drops of spiritual oil.

To clean the environment – put 15 to 20 drops of spiritual oil in a fresh air freshener.

To protect yourself from negative people

In some cases, especially when we meet negative people, we feel our vibration lower and we are more exposed to inner conflicts and obsessive processes. Spiritual oil helps us connect with our spirituality and deals with the soul, reaching our deepest side so that wounds and openings in our aura are sealed and healed.

To leave the house protected – make an aromatic sachet. Take a piece of fabric, place a cotton ball in the middle and drip in the Myrrh essential oil. Bring the ends together to close the fabric and tie with a ribbon. Take this sachet in your bag or in your car, hanging from your rearview mirror.

To clean the environment – pour a little water into the air freshener and add 5 drops of Nu-botanics spiritual oil. This strong essential spiritual oil can also be used in burners and smoked around the house.

For spiritual protection and purification

There are times when we ourselves do not understand some facts that occur to us, and at this time, we need spiritual protection. NU-botanics spiritual oil is the ideal essential oil for these cases. Its property is to protect and preserve the person, as well as spiritually elevating. Essential oil, since ancient times, has always been used in order to purify, consecrate and bless. It connects with our higher self, providing an aura of protection.

For personal use – drop 1-drop Nu-botanics spiritual oil into 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil and massage the third eye region (frontal chakra, located on the forehead). It will help in superior connection as well as energetically protecting.

To leave the house protected – in a small glass bottle or pendant, put Jojoba or Olive vegetable oil and add 1 drop of spiritual oil. Wear it around your neck as an amulet or leave it in your bag. Whenever needed, apply a little of the mixture on the wrists and between the eyebrows.

To clean the environment put in a 100 ml spray bottle – 60 ml of water, 40 ml of alcohol and adds 50 drops of Frankincense essential oil. Shake well before using and spray into the environment as needed. Spiritual oil can also be used in specific burners.

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