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Effective drainage solutions to avoid surface flooding


An ineffective drainage system, especially in the rainy season, causes the most significant flood damage to a home’s foundation. To protect the foundation of the house from flood damage, a recently conducted drain survey advises using these types of drain system as given below –

  1. Full gutter system
  2. French drain
  3. Sump pump drainage system.

Full Gutter System – 

A gutter drainage system directs storm water to the ponds or lakes. Through this system, excess water removed from the affected areas. Gutters are the best to collect rainwater and move it away from the home’s foundation. As the excess water near the foundation of the house can cause soil erosion and weaken it. 

It is advised to manage the discharge of rainwater to a well-drained area, or else it may cause the water to pond in that area.

French Drain system –

The French drainage system aims to direct surface run-off water and groundwater away from the home’s foundation. These drains are usually installed below the foundation of the house to make sure that the hydrostatic pressure is limited. The French drainage system is an easy method as it lets water flow freely through the pipe and directs it away from home. If there are chances of water collecting at the surface, a French drain can be used to avoid the flooding.

Sump pump drainage system –

A sump pump drainage system is installed in places like the basement to collect excess water and to prevent flooding. It is the most used drainage system as the sump pit channels the water to gather in a specific area. In place of a sump pit, an isolated pump can also be used. To ensure the smooth working of the sump pump drainage system it is necessary to take professional help.

Hence, to protect the house from surface flooding, the property owners should have a proactive approach during the rainy season to avoid potential flooding.

Sump pumps are mostly useful for the low lying area as they have more chances of facing flood and the sump pump is ideal for controlling large-scale flooding.

Hence, these are some effective drainage solutions to avoid any surface flooding.


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