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Electric Problems And their Solutions


Where there are power sockets and outlets, there are electrical problems. There are many reasons that you may have some problems with your power socket outlet. It could be due to improper wiring, expired fittings, etc. Any electric problem can lead to damage to your device. Hence, you must take care of your outlets and plugs. Here are some common electric problems and their solutions.

Surge in Electricity

Electricity surge is one of the most common problems that everyone has to deal with. The surge can damage your devices or appliances if the wiring is not well done. However, this surge has to be powerful enough to damage your heavy appliances. The solution to this problem is simple – check your devices. If you have a surge, then unplug your devices immediately.

Sudden Low Supply of Electricity

Just like a surge, a sudden dip in the supply of electricity is a problem. This dip damages the heavy appliances that are connected to your power outlet. The first step that you should take in such a situation, then you should either switch off the appliance or disconnect the plug.

Overloading the Outlets with Multiple Devices

When you are using multiple devices in one socket, then it can overload the wiring and a fire can start due to this. If you have no other option but to use one socket, then make sure that you are using a standard power plug. The plug has multiple outlets that control power consumption. It is also safe for your devices and appliances.

Uncovered Power Box

Many people do not bother about the uncovered power boxes in their house. It is very unsafe as any kind of electrical issue can trigger a fire or burst of your appliances. Hence, make sure that you properly have all your power boxes. Also, use a material that is fire and electricity resistant.

Fewer Outlets Around the House or Office

Some houses or offices may not have outlets. In such a case, you can make use of a standard power plug (ปลั๊กไฟ 3 ตา, which is a term in Thai) that can help you in using multiple devices in a single plug.

There are many more such problems that you may have to deal with on many occasions. However, when you are traveling, you may not have many options when such problems occur. Hence, make sure that you are always carrying your travel adapter. The adapter comes in different voltage and types that help you in protecting your device while traveling. You can check the travel adapter price (travel adapter ราคา, term in Thai) online and choose what I best suited for your travel.

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