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Exploring the Best Options for the Pest Control


Pests in the kitchen are often a nuisance that is difficult to control. On the one hand, the kitchen offers an ideal basis for the pests to live. On the other hand, it is questionable to use chemical agents in the kitchen.

Fight pests in the kitchen

The pests in the kitchen not only make it unsavory, they also bring germs and bacteria with them. Therefore, it is imperative that you try to keep these pesky animals away from your food.

The food moth is considered to be one of those insects that no one can use at home. Protection from this animal is relatively difficult. The animals often eat their way into packaging and are therefore brought along. Throw away any contaminated food. Afterwards you can clean the cupboard with a steam cleaner so that the larvae in the cracks are also killed. Sticky traps with pheromones only kill the male moths. Want to know more about it? Then visit https://pestcom.com/services/gopher_vole_mole_exterminator_boise and get the best solutions here.

When you open the storage jar with the nuts, a moth flies towards you, a housefly has perched on the bread and jam and at night you caught a cockroach in front of the fridge while enjoying a midnight snack – insects in the kitchen are not uncommon. Usually they just come through the open window and are relatively harmless, but in many cases something must be done about it, as they pose a health risk and otherwise multiply unhindered. There are many ways to get rid of these uninvited guests.

In addition to the well-known house flies, it is the most common small fruit flies, moths, beetles, silverfish and cockroaches that feel particularly comfortable in the kitchen. Here you will find a plentiful supply of food, it is nice and warm and there are no natural enemies – the ideal habitat. The animals themselves are not the dangerous thing about the insect infestation, even if one likes to lose one’s appetite at the sight. Rather, the excretions of the stored pests are hazardous to human health, as they can transmit pathogens.

Which pests populate the kitchen?

For insects and other pests such as mice, the kitchen is a real Eldorado, in which they can eat their fill without being disturbed and enjoy their life. Every insect has its own special culinary preferences.

The quickest way to discover the infestation of fruit flies is that the small flies float around the apartment and are annoying. As the name suggests, they are fond of fruit, juices and cake scraps. Fruit flies reproduce extremely quickly and can become a major nuisance. Visit https://pestcom.com/pests/wasps and discover new options there.

Small mites, mealworms, and mealworms prefer flour products and baked goods. The flour becomes musty, lumpy and unusable. Corn beetles feed on unground grain. You only leave the empty pods behind, the infected grain smells musty and becomes warm. Bread beetles leave visible marks in the bread with many small holes, but they also taste good chocolate or grain.

Food moths can be particularly stubborn

They can multiply very quickly and make the entire food supply inedible in a very short time. They prefer to eat nuts, grains, legumes, muesli, dried fruit, flour and many other dry products as well as chocolate. This is also where they deposit their larvae.


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