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Finding The Best Way To Install The Pendant Light


Pendant lights are beautiful. They can bring more life and sparkle to every room. That is why more and more homes these days have pendant lights, whether in the kitchen, hallway, stairwell, or any area in the house. And if you are considering a pendant light, then you need to know how to place them in the room efficiently. So before you buy a pendant light, make sure that you have read the tips mentioned below.

Types of Pendant Light

When buying a pendant light, you have two options to choose from – ambient and directional lights. Each of them has a purpose. That is why before you buy one, make sure that you know which is perfect for your home:

  • Ambient Light. It is the type of pendant light with an exposed bulb. It offers soft and multi-directional ambient light, the kind that can create a ‘glow’ effect. With the ambient type, the light would bounce around the room, ceilings, and the walls. The light is more diffused and is less intense.
  • Directional Light. This type of light has a pendant with a shade. It directs the light downward and focuses the light to a single point. It will create a patch of intense light but will leave the rest of the room a little dim. The directional lights are the perfect choices for desks or benchtops.

Ways To Use Pendant Light

Pendant lights are becoming a growing trend in many homes and offices. And now that you know the two options that you can choose from, it is time to learn some great ways on how to use them properly. To help you get started, here are some helpful tips for you:

  • Above an Island. So how far to hang pendant lights over island? When hanging a pendant light above an island, the most recommended is for it to be placed 28 to 34 inches above the countertop. You can also set it 72 inches above the floor.
  • Instead of using the traditional scones, you can hang a pendant light in front of the mirror or onto its sides. The height where they are hung should be able to provide you with the best lighting without bumping your head to it.
  • If you have a pendant light in the entryway or the hallway, it can add a lot of beauty. For spaces with tall ceilings, remember that the fixtures should not be hung so high that you would not be able to enjoy its beauty while standing in the space. If you are placing the pendant light in the hallway, you can have identical fixtures hanging down the length of the hall to give it a classic look.
  • Over the Table. When placing a pendant light over the table, the recommended height is above 28 to 32 inches of a table. But also, you can have the fixture hanging slightly lower or higher depending on your preference. The height will also depend on the size of the fixture and the ceiling height.
  • The stairwell is another place where you can hang a pendant light. It needs lighting so the secret is to hang the lights high enough to have clearance as you walk up and down the stairs. At least 18 to 24 inches of clearance between the height of the tallest person at home and the bottom of the pendant light is the most recommended.

Having a pendant light in any part of the house is a perfect way to emphasize its beauty. However, you have to ensure that you are hanging the fixtures correctly. As mentioned above, there are different ways for you to use the pendant lights, all you need is to find the right space for it.

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