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Fixing A Running Toilet Without Stepping Out


One can handle many plumbing issues on one’s own. Besides the leak detection in South Surrey, which might need an expert intervention, there are things that you can try as DIY. Among all of them, we have our running toilets that need to be attended to very soon. Toilet leaks are too common and even if you do not wish to call an expert for leak detection in South Surrey, you can try the below mentioned things to sort things before they go worse. 

You have running toilet for the following two reasons: 

  • Either water is leaking from the tank into the bowl
  • Or the filling tube is refilling a lot of water, more than the capacity of the tank.

These problems can be sorted by adjusting float, flapper or tubes. Running toilets are deemed easier to fix than many homeowners think. If you know the right way of doing it, you can do it hassle free. We believe that the following information is surely going to help you. Keep reading Leak Detection South Surrey .

Adjust the Flapper

If you are using your toilet for quite some time, you should know what the flapper is. In case, you do not, read this. The flapper is the plastic cup at the bottom of the tank. While flushing the tank, the flapper rises, which allows water from the tank to enter the bowl. If the flapper is not working properly, the flapper would not flush with the bottom of the tank. In this case, the water would slip past the bowl. When this happens, the tank will keep draining and the refill tube has to re-fill it repeatedly. The flapper problems are the most common. To fix the problem, you need to turn off the toilet water, remove the flapper, wash and scrub the plastic cap thoroughly. After doing this, you can fix the flapper back in the toilet. If after doing this step the problem is not solved, you will need to replace the flapper. Talk to us for a quick toilet replacement altamonte springs fl.

Talk to us for a quick replacement.

Adjusting the flapper train

The flapper chain is an important part of your toilet and it connects with both the flapper and the toilet’s handle. When you depress the toilet handle, you raise the chain as well. When you raise the chain, the flapper to be lifted and the water will flow into the bowl again. The chain should be of the perfect size, too small or too large a chain will interfere in the entire process and create leaks. Fortunately, this chain can be adjusted.

For more information about leak detection in South Surrey, you can talk to us.

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