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Four Steps to Resolving Water Damage to Your Home or Business

Water Damage to Your Home or Business

Water damage often appears innocuous when you first notice it in your garage, basement, or other living or working space. Perhaps you saw some signs of water damage a few weeks ago, but you were not paying close attention. Now those areas of damage are becoming larger, and you must react.

There are also times when a significant storm can cause a basement or garage or business to flood, which appears a lot more serious from the get go. Rather than delaying in such moments, homeowners and businessowners must resolve water damage situations as soon as possible.

Below are four steps to handling a water damage incident at your home or business.

  1. Call Your Insurance Provider

When you experience water damage to your home, and wish to hire flood damage restoration professionals, your first step is to get in touch with the relevant insurance company. Your homeowners or business insurance policy should include coverage for flood incidents, which is why filing a claim must be your first step.

Along with completing the relevant paperwork and sending everything to your contact at the insurance company, you should also take photos and videos of your home. Use your smartphone to capture as many angles of the damage, as that paints a true picture for the insurance company.

  1. Take Immediate Action

If you notice water damage to a part of your home or business , you may not be able to wait for the water damage restoration Greenwich, CT professionals to arrive at your home or business.

Say there is flooding in your basement. Every minute you allow standing water to remain in that area means even more extensive flood damage restoration work in the future. Start using buckets, towels, clothes or any other items you can find to get water out of your basement.

Even if you have to spend an hour getting water out of the indoor space that is flooding, you are engaging in a worthwhile activity. By the time the professionals arrive, you will have taken care of some standing water and moisture in that area.

  1. Hire the Professionals

The best way to get your home back to its original condition is by hiring professionals who have extensive experience with flood damage restoration.

These companies can send a team to your home or business within one or two hours. The professionals come with the relevant equipment and knowledge to quickly remove all standing water and moisture from your basement, garage, or other living space.

Their work does not stop at eliminating moisture, as they also work to restore all furniture, floors, carpeting, appliances, and other items that may experience damage as a result of the flooding.

  1. Plan for the Future

Knowing you can connect with professionals that handle water damage restoration in Greenwich, CT, such as Green Restoration, is such a blessing. That does not mean you should require their services every six months.

If your basement is prone to flooding, then flood damage restoration will cost you tens of thousands of dollars in the coming decade. Rather than putting that much money into restoring flood damage, invest in a sump pump to avoid the problem entirely.

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