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Four Types Of Water Heaters: Comparative Characteristics


Demand for water heaters has increased dramatically in recent years, as has concern about saving electricity. This shows that selling different types of water heaters in a store is essential to meet customers’ needs, taking into account that each appliance has different functionalities. The types of water heaters are diverse enough to choose the right model for any conditions: in an apartment and a private house, for electricity and gas, storage and running. The main question is which one is better and how to choose the best option.

In this article, we will consider the existing types of water heaters, their differences from each other, the principles of operation, and also evaluate the advantages. It is always good to have someone specializing in the subject when making your choice. To do this, just consult a reliable company All Water Products. This company works with different types of heaters and also suggest you which one is better for your specification.

Electric storage heater

This is also called a boiler. This heater has a cylinder shape and is more effective in producing hot water. It is efficient in places with several heating points. However, due to the high capacity and the heating done by electrical resistance, electric accumulation heaters are less economical, especially when they serve more than one point.

Solar heater

Solar heaters are among the most purchased by consumers. Therefore, it is essential to make the option available in your store. As a model that adds more sustainability, this heater requires exposure to heat stroke. The solar heater is more advantageous when there is a frequent and constant demand for hot water – thus, it is not suitable for customers who do not need hot water every day, which would cause a longer payback. On the other hand, to purchase a solar heater, the investment is a little high, but the energy savings also have advantages over time.

Combined boiler

 It assumes connection of both gas and electricity. This allows you to heat water during the heating period using gas supply, and in the summer using electricity. This approach allows you to save large sums on hot water regardless of the season. But it is quite difficult to implement, because two active heating systems require increased attention during operation and professional skills for connection.

Tank less water heater

This type of water heaters uses intense flashes of heat against water-filled coils to heat water on requirement. Tank less water heater plumbing systems are more power efficient than conventional storage water heater. These types of water heaters are suitable for large families who use a lot of hot water at in a regular basis.  Tank less water heaters need maintenance least once a year to keep them functioning reliably. So when you go to choose Bosch Electric Tankless Water Heater, always take suggestion from professionals who are expert in that field. They will guide you according to your requirement.

Now that you have a great idea about these four types of water heater. So choose the best one for your place and enjoy the hot water with various benefits.

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