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Garage doors: why you should never leave them in disrepair


Electric garage doors are one of the most convenient pieces of home technology. After a long and tiring day’s work the last thing you want is to hop out of your car, hoist up your garage door, drive in and close it again. It’s really not something a tired body needs, and so this tech has made the home so much more convenient!

But, like other home technology, this is something you should never leave in disrepair. Leaving your entrance in poor condition could not only be catastrophic, but it also makes it more expensive to fix further down the track. Therefore, if you ever notice a problem with your mechanism, the very first thing you should do is contact your expert repairs team.

Here are a few vital reasons why:

  1. They can be very dangerous when broken

If your system is broken, then you need the best roller door repairs Gold Coast has available. Why? Because a busted system is an incredibly dangerous system. They are a risk to both humans and vehicles, especially if there is a fault with the mechanism that makes it susceptible to crashing at any moment.

The very last thing you should ever want is to leave a damaged garage port hanging by a hinge. They are an incredibly heavy piece of home technology that when running at low capacity could cause all kinds of trouble.

Thankfully, your expert repairs team will happily come out to your property, pinpoint the damage and go to work on ensuring it is running at full, safe capacity once again – don’t risk it for your health and your car!

  1. They become more expensive to fix with time

Think about it: would you rather pay to have that unbalanced system fixed now or when it exacerbates into a much bigger, more expensive and more dangerous problem? Whatever the issue: hinges, motor, whatever, these problems only become more costly with time.

You already have two imperative reasons to fix it now: cost and safety. What is the point of continuing to use an entrance that is only becoming more dangerous and more expensive to fix? You should always consider these two points first and foremost when deciding whether or not to have your mechanism fixed – you will always get your answer!

  1. It makes your home less efficient

Because, honestly, who wants to come home to a roller door that chugs its way up the track like a 19th Century steamboat? If you’ve had a frustrating day at work and things don’t seem to be going your way, the last thing you want is to come home and watch your door labour its way into a dangerous hanging position – it’s a tedious and dangerous bore!

So, if you find that your system is working too hard and making too much noise on the way to its open position, you’re probably looking towards restoring it to its glorious, more efficient opening/closing days.

  1. It reduces its lifespan

And, after all, this is a pretty expensive piece of technology to let fall into a state of ongoing damage. If your system becomes so damaged that it has to be replaced, you will see yourself staring down a costly installation bill that could’ve been avoided by paying for the much cheaper, much quicker and much safer repair.

We know which option we would take, every time, and we’re sure you would want the same, too!

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