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Get to Know How to Maintain Bifold Door and their Operation


Bi-folded doors are just perfect if you want to open up your room completely. Not only does it expand the living room space but gives a beautiful outdoor view. Additionally, well-maintained bi-folded doors can brighten up your room with plenty of natural light. 

Bifold windows are easy to maintain, and the frequency of cleaning is dependent on the standard of operation. If it is bottom hung you need to clear the bottom frequently. It is because the bottom accumulates the most debris and dirt. 

It will prolong the shelf life of the metal casting of the door. You can opt for professional cleaning if you have several bifold doors and difficult to clean. Smarts bifold is one of the most reputed companies in this field. They also have subscription offers monthly and yearly formats. You can choose whatever suits your needs and preference. 

Starting with cleaning the tracks and seals 

Most of these doors may look like it does not require maintenance, but it does need a minimal amount of care. You must always look out for debris and dry leaves within the tracks while you are closing and opening the bifold door or window. Here’s what you can do to keep it dirt-free:

How To Maintain Bifold Doors And Prevent Them From Leaking - Abelglass

Oil or acid-free grease application

You can apply a small quantity of acid-free grease, which will not impact the look of the door. You can even use door oil for lubrication. It will help you with the maintenance, and it becomes easy to operate them smoothly all the time. Always remember the lubricant to be used has to be applied lightly otherwise, it may attract excess dirt

Cleaning with brushes

You must clean the tracks of the door and make it free from stones or any seasonal debris. For this, you can clean them with a brush. The brush can easily lift the bigger bits. You can vacuum the remaining dust particles, which cannot get removed physically. You can do this weekly or regularly if necessary. Ensure that the nozzle does not get clogged.

Clear with soap

To make the doors squeaky clean, you will need a mild soap solution and a soft cloth. You must never use any solvent-based cleaning liquids. It can rip off the casting slowly. If possible you must silicone spray the seals thrice a year for better operation and look.

Cleaning the glass panels

Regardless of the cleaning agent that you are using, you will only get a crystal clear glass if you know the process of cleaning. Do not make the common mistake and use paper towels to clean it. It will just leave streaks on the glass. It is good to use a microfiber material to clean them. Microfiber gloves are readily available in the market. 

Professional help

It is essential to use professional support once a month. It is because they have expertise in cleaning the bi-fold door structures and have the right type of solvent and applicators to use them.  

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