Granite Versus Marble – This is a Better Countertop?


You will find number of worth more decisions you will make with regards to remodeling your house than should you choose marble or granite countertops. Your countertops create a huge visual effect on your home, furthermore they’ll be the mainly surface which you’ll want to do formulations and cooking. It is important you are taking both practical and visual areas of each material into consideration when deciding backward and forward.

Durability & Maintenance

For many people, granite could be a significantly more effective material for countertops than marble. Typically granite will remain pristine regardless of what you should do inside it. Granite will not stain, it will not scratch or nick, plus it does not take stains.

However, marble requires much more TLC to be really good shape. If you do not correctly take proper proper care of it, marble will most likely stain and show regular put on & tear- this means you will even dull lower after a while. Fluids, whether water or oil based, can stain marble because of its molecular composition. However, applying a sealant for that marble countertop gives you a significantly longer window to clean when you be worried about permanent staining.

Dulling, however, is basically inevitable within your marble countertop unless of course obviously clearly you’re very strict with what cooking materials believe it is. Acids, for example vinegar and citric juices, will burn for the countertop once they touch it by departing dull marks where they fell.

As well as your marble countertops in great shape isn’t impossible, it takes a much better fastidiousness than granite countertops require.


While using above notes, granite countertops stay searching all all new and fresh with less upkeep and for over marble countertops. Really, a granite countertop will likely continue searching fresh and brand-new as extended out of the box available it. Every maintained marble countertop may have degeneration with time.

However, marble presents a and warm visual impact that granite won’t ever provide. While granite countertops match cooler kitchen styles (for example industrial style kitchens) marble countertops bring a hot old-world ambiance for the kitchen that has them. Marble may be the traditional materials in a number of European kitchens, especially Italian kitchens, and could always give a suitably classic air to your property.


Neither granite nor marble are particularly cheap materials for your countertops, and expenses as much as $ 100 per sq . feet . aren’t unusual whenever installation is incorporated within the cost. As the price of marble or granite rely on where you reside, they often times cost comparable, so cost should not be looked at considered when selecting backward and forward.

While marble is a lot more susceptible to cost a little more than granite when likely to improvement, this cost difference is generally minimal.

Deciding Simple

Deciding between granite and marble for your countertops generally comes lower to how long and care you are to take a position searching after your cleaning. If you’re prepared to provide it while using the extra TLC it deserves, than marble is usually most likely probably the most well-loved choice among kitchen remodelers. However if you want a factor that may look virtually nearly as good in 10 years because it will your entire day you spent it with minimal fuss, than granite may be the apparent choice.

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