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Great Ways to Clean Your Roof Now


In other words, cleaning the roof is a great way to avoid redoing your roof and saves thousands of dollars. The roof surface being out of our sight, we tend to forget that it is nevertheless the main facade of our house. A clean roof is more solid (it better resists external aggressions and the wear of time), more waterproof (it protects more effectively against infiltrations), more pleasant to look at and healthier. Go for the Soft Washing Texarkana and you will be having the best deals for such works.


When should you clean your roof?

The time and frequency of cleaning your roof depends on the roofing material, the age of your roof, and your environment: you will have to clean your roof much more often if you are surrounded by trees and plants or in very polluted environments for example.

In all cases, you clean your roof:

  • in dry weather
  • out of wind
  • except heat wave
  • during the day

And we follow all the safety rules related to working at height if we did not wish to entrust this work to a specialist.

In spring: this is the right time to check that winter has not caused too much damage to the roof and go around the joints and fragile parts of the roof, or even dislodge bird nests (carefully and delicacy)

At the end of autumn: to remove all dead leaves, branches, mosses, mushrooms, lichens and dirt.

  • To access the roof and secure, you need special equipment: ladders, roofer ladders, lifeline. Professionals who already have this equipment and you will not have to buy it (you will not find everything for rent).
  • Certain materials require proud knowledge and particular techniques. A professional is trained in this type of intervention.

Which parts to clean?

  • Overhangs: check the tightness of the roof overhangs and overhangs and remove any nests or swarms nestled in your roof.
  • Ventilation: clean the opening and check the good performance of the ventilation grille.
  • Cover: the technique will depend on the material, but cleaning allows repositioning the displaced elements, changing the damaged elements and cleaning the cover.


Certain specific covers such as thatch, photovoltaic panels, green roofs or slate will be better maintained if you call on professionals: by intervening yourself without knowing exactly what you are doing, you risk doing more harm than good for your roof!

Openings: check the connections on windows, frames and skylights and check for leaks.

Fixings: check the fixings on the edges of the roof, the edges, the decorative elements, the ridge tiles and any solar panels.

Chimney connections: check the connections, smoke extractors and the roof outlet and check for leaks.

Edges and ridges: check the fixings and check for leaks.

Valley: check the fixings of the tiles on the periphery of the valley and check the tightness, remove the plants.

Decorative elements: check the fixings and reposition them if necessary.

Gutters: regularly clean gutters and conduits and check welds and descents.

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