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Guide To Understanding The Construction Of A Two-Story House 


Many of us have a desire to build our house. However, it’s hard to know every small detail of the construction of the house. Fortunately, the process of constructing the house is not that troublesome if the method followed is correct. Start by purchasing a plot where you can build the foundation of your residence. The one thing you may not know and is essential in deciding the height of the story. One of the best things living in an American home is the majority set of houses follow a conventional architecture practice. Most of the residence will have a uniform structure, and this is generally to maintain constant rates for construction of houses. One of the other government guidelines you should know “how tall is a story?” the number of story buildings you want will decide the height of the house. As per the government guidelines, the average height of one story is about 11-12 feet, so your two-story house will be approximate 20-25 feet tall. 

Let’s find out the steps involved in construction for a two-story house:

Hire Architecture: 

You can decide to hire an architecture that suits your budget and explain to him how many story building you want. An architect can help you to create a 3-D model representation of your house. Now that the model is all clear, the construction work can start by setting up a meeting with a civil engineer.

Foundation Construction: 

The civil engineer will now work for the foundation construction by knowing “how tall is a story” the more the number of story building, the more workers have to dig in, and the foundation for walls is formed and pored. After the foundation construction is over, the worker starts creating a frame of the walls and the installation of windows and doors.

Building A Roof For The Story

Once the framing job and all the flooring work are over, the slab will be laid on the first story. The rooftops will be formed and sheathing process to smooth out the surfaces. The roofing work is a long process, and it will take more time than sheathing.

Installation Of Electrical, Plumbing, And Other Jobs: 

At this moment, the contractors will create the basic structure of the water pipeline, wiring, and ductwork. These pipes will be covered with drywall and other finishing details. In other cases, the contractors do sheathing, and installation works together to save time.

Painting The Walls And Interior Work:

The contractor will now do the interior and paint the wall of the exteriors and everything else to make your house a better home. It involves smoothing out the wall paint and applying decorative trim for doors and windows. You can choose any color for the flooring sheet and the surface materials for your two-story building.

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