Have you done lawn striping before?

Have you done lawn striping before

Have you ever thought how the stripes are designed on a football or baseball field? It is not simply cutting or trimming the grass. For acquiring the right pattern, many modern mowing techniques are required that is lawn striping.

What is lawn striping?

To obtain lawn stripping, you have to flatten a single row of grass so that it bents in one direction. On the other end, the neighbouring row is combined in the opposing direction. Striping is liable for making the grass healthy and charming. Lawn striping also lets the sunlight provide nourishment to every part of the yard. Spots in the lawn can develop if you mow the lawn in the same pattern. It would be great to make changes in your striping pattern every two weeks. Always mow the lawn when the grass is dry. Mowing or striping wet lawn can ruin its entire look. Choose a genuine lawn service in Cumming for changing the look of the yard.

How to mow lawn stripes?

You would need additional equipment for doing lawn stripping. It includes a cylindrical-shaped plastic tool which is a lawn roller. The lawn roller will be attached to the mower. It is important to search for high-quality tools and compatible striping kit from a top-rated lawnservice in Cumming. When you have all the basic tools, it’s time to provide a pattern to the yard. You can start by cutting the edge of the yard. Perform on any one side of the lawn and cut the lawn’s whole length in a straight line that is parallel to the boundary. Once you get to the end of the yard, the next thing you will do is lift the mower deck to turn the mower around so that it faces the opposite side. After that, mow a new stripe. You must repeat the same process until the lawn is fully stripped. All these are some steps for a basic stripe pattern.

About the grasses

Bluegrass, rye and fescue fall in the category of cold season grasses. Striping can become exciting when there are such kinds of grasses. Warm weather grasses include Zoysia and Bermuda grasses. The height of the grass is another vital thing. The striping will look more remarkable if the height of the grass is more than 4 inches. The thickness of the grass can change the game when it comes to lawn stripping. The grass will be considered as healthy grass if it is thick. Attain more details regarding how to checkerboard your lawn from the experts.

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